Bulletproof Practices: Intel Corp.

Nov 1, 2002

HR Magazine, November 2002

Microprocessor manufacturer Intel Corp., in Santa Clara, Calif., has developed the following guideline concerning workplace threats and violence. (To contact Tim Garcia concerning Intel's program, e-mail him at tim.security.garcia@intel.com.)

Intel is committed to providing a safe workplace for employees, customers, vendors, contractors and others on Intel property. Threats, threatening behavior, stalking or acts of violence by anyone on Intel property will not be tolerated. Violation of this guideline will result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination of employment.

Removal from the Premises

Any person who makes a threat of serious harm, exhibits threatening behavior, or engages in violent acts on Intel property will be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits and shall not be permitted to return pending the outcome of an investigation. When someone is removed from the premises, the manager should notify Intel Security in order to prevent the individual from regaining access to the facility. In appropriate circumstances, a medical assessment may be required to determine whether the individual will be permitted to return to Intel.

Investigation of Threat Activity

The investigation will be conducted primarily by Human Resources and, if requested, by Intel Security. Should the investigation substantiate that a violation of this guideline has occurred, appropriate action will be taken, including discipline, as noted above, and cooperation with law enforcement for arrest and prosecution.

Employee Responsibility

Any employee who is threatened or assaulted or who has knowledge of work-related threats or violence has a responsibility to report the incident to his or her manager, another member of management, Intel Security, Human Resources, or the OnCall Assistance Center. Even without an explicit threat, employees should report any behavior they regard as threatening or violent when that behavior is work-related or may be carried out on Intel property.

Intel maintains an Employee Assistance Program, which provides help to employees who suffer from personal/emotional problems. The Employee Assistance Program provides professional counseling on a strictly confidential basis. Intel encourages employees with personal/emotional problems to seek professional help before job performance is affected or continued employment is at risk.

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