Symptoms of AD/HD

Focusing on ADD in the Workplace

Dec 1, 2002

HR Magazine, December 2002

  • Fail to give close attention to details or make careless mistakes at work.
  • Fidget with hands or feet or squirm in seat.
  • Have difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or fun activities.
  • Leave seat in situations where sitting is expected.
  • Dont listen when spoken to directly.
  • Feel restless.
  • Dont follow through on instructions and fail to finish work.
  • Have difficulty engaging in leisure activities quietly.
  • Have difficulty organizing tasks and activities.
  • Feel on the go or driven by a motor.
  • Avoid, dislike or are reluctant to engage in work that requires sustained mental effort.
  • Talk excessively.
  • Lose things necessary for tasks and activities.
  • Blurt out answers before questions have been completed.
  • Distract easily.
  • Have difficulty waiting turn (impatient).
  • Are forgetful in daily duties.
  • Interrupt or intrude on others.

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