Changing Destructive Behavior to Become a Conscious Leader

By Desda Moss Apr 20, 2016

Rosalie-Chamberlain.jpgIn her new book, Conscious Leadership in the Workplace: A Guidebook to Making a Difference One Person at a Time (Morgan James Publishing, 2016), executive coach Rosalie Chamberlain reveals that self-awareness—the framework for how we see ourselves—also influences how we see others. It is the starting place to determine how effectively you lead. Are you biased? How diverse is your team? Do you embrace inclusion?

“Successful organizations foster an environment of inclusion, and this behavior promotes engagement and motivation which, in turn, drives innovation,”  Chamberlain says. “Conscious leadership guides individuals and leaders to realize their potential, breaking through beliefs and behaviors that impede success.”

Chamberlain, @rosaliechamberl on Twitter, is a certified coach and leadership practitioner who works with organizations and individuals to identify behaviors that motivate, inspire and create, as well as those that block creativity and performance.  Part guide, part workbook and part inspiration, part workbook and part inspiration, Conscious Leadership provides unique yet palpable solutions for individuals and leaders to identify the complexities of conscious and subconscious behavior patterns—from issues of racism, sexism, classism and privilege to creating collaborative teams and becoming an employer of choice.

The book introduces readers to steps they can take to begin to identify—and elevate—their consciousness level as leaders. Emotional intelligence is a key component.

“Conscious leaders are naturally inclusive and as a result, the organization benefits from the utilization of the rich and varied talents of the workforce,” Chamberlain says.

Each chapter of the book includes simple steps for bringing greater consciousness to your leadership style. Chamberlain looks deeper into what being inclusive means, talks about the differences between misconceptions and reality, and discusses what gets in the way of becoming an empowering and engaging leader working with an energized, productive team.

She explores methods of building inclusive and dynamic leadership with powerful tools and exercises that help you create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute.
Chamberlain’s guidebook explores the following themes:

  • “Am I missing something?” Uncover that elusive “something” in your career to make it more purposeful.
  • How to ditch passive-aggressive leadership behaviors so you can say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • How to overcome feelings of fear and become more confident in your abilities.
  • How to discover your unconscious biases—your unknown beliefs, judgments and automatic thought processes—so you can better understand your behaviors as a leader.
  • Successful practices for attracting and retaining the best talent.
  • The dangers of dualistic (black or white) thinking.
  • How to set aside your perspectives to truly consider others’ points of view.

Chamberlain says our biases affect who we put on teams, provide feedback to, give opportunities to and position for advancement, not to mention who we hire in the first place.

By not rooting out these biases, we overlook significant amounts of talent—and that’s something every HR leader should be conscious of.

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