Gail Houston


photo of Gail Houston

Product Manager Recruiter at Intuit, Dallas/Fort Worth

Houston spent 16 years in recruitment at EDS before joining Intuit, where she was drawn to the creativity of sourcing, especially as it relates to social networks.

A recognized industry leader and in-demand speaker, Houston has developed in-house training programs for sourcers at Intuit and formalized the company’s social media strategy. And she’ll do whatever it takes to get the right hire. In fact, she once landed a candidate from one of Intuit’s competitors after networking with the person for 18 months. Her powers of persuasion are fueled by her excitement about her company.

Houston can be found on Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn’s SlideShare. She has over 4,000 followers on Twitter and more than 11,000 connections on LinkedIn.

Her Process

Whether there is an opening or not, I always try to make matches. It can be quick or it can be downstream, and can come anywhere from a couple months to a year later.

How She Finds Talent

I use LinkedIn as well as social networks that aren’t necessarily geared toward recruiting. I also look at question-and-answer websites such as Quora, where people may be talking about product management. I scan YouTube to find candidates who are putting on product management demonstrations. And SlideShare is a hidden recruiting tool that many sourcers don’t use but should.

How She Reels Them In

I tailor each message to the individual. I show them that I’ve actually read their profile or watched their presentation. If a candidate has made a slight change in their LinkedIn profile that aligns with what I’m looking for, I’ll note that, reach out and offer an opportunity to talk. If the contact isn’t ready to have that discussion, he or she often has a friend who is.


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