Jim Stroud


photo of Jim StroudRPO Senior Recruitment Strategies and Support Director at Randstad Sourceright, Atlanta

Stroud has been active in sourcing since 1997. It was love that brought him to the industry. He had been an aspiring director and screenwriter when he fell hard for a woman. Her response to his artistic ambitions was to tell him that if he wanted to date her seriously, he needed to seriously get a job.

Stroud had just been introduced to the Internet and was excited by its possibilities when he answered an employment ad that read, “Get paid to surf the Internet.” He was hired when he proved he could extract resumes off the Web. While the relationship with the woman didn’t last, he gained a thriving career.

He was named one of Monster.com’s “Ten Top Employment Bloggers to Follow on Twitter” and was ranked No. 7 on a list of “Top 25 HR Digital Influencers.” He’s also the author of The Number One Job Hunting Book in the World! (CreateSpace, 2015).

He has been podcasting since 2009 and was an early YouTube adopter. He has his own influential blog, over 25,000 followers on Twitter and more than 500 connections on LinkedIn.

His Process

I get a good understanding of what the client wants. I also analyze as much data as I can about the manager and the company. I assess how the position has been staffed in the past to uncover where employees come from and what their backgrounds are. The process allows me to identify key commonalities to use as a foundation for a cohesive search strategy.

How He Finds Talent

I use every social networking tool at my disposal, including some sites you might not expect. Lately I’ve been experimenting with Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video service.

For example, to identify developers for the open-source Web framework Ruby on Rails, I might interview someone who is an expert in Ruby on Periscope. As the interview takes place, other users can send in their questions and comments. Then I would take note of who was saying what and offer site visitors a hashtag to tweet about the piece. That allows me to evaluate any tweets with that hashtag to find leads.

How He Reels Them In

I strive to present a personal touch. I never contact people through Facebook, but I use it to help find tidbits that can get a person’s attention, such as their taste in movies, hobbies or reading material. After doing research, I can customize my message and reach out directly on Twitter and LinkedIn. I once had success with a comic book fan by referring to a Marvel hero in an e-mail subject line.

I also believe in the power of a good story. That means being able to articulate why a company’s culture is the right fit for your candidate.


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