Kelly Dingee


photo of Kelly DingeeDirector, Strategic Recruiting, at Staffing Advisors, Washington, D.C.

Dingee has been in the sourcing industry for 17 years and has been named a “Top 25 HR Trendspotter,” “Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiter,” “Top 25 Online Digital Influencer” and more. When she was pregnant with her second child, she reduced her hours at the company where she worked at the time. That’s when her sourcing career began to take off.

She eventually found herself working 40-plus-hour weeks again, consulting for other companies and training others in social network sourcing. She now telecommutes full time, sourcing high-level candidates for nonprofit organizations.

Dingee has 14,000 followers on Twiitter and 500-plus connections on LinkedIn. She’s also a popular featured blogger at the talent management site Fistful of Talent.

Her Process

One of our key resources is our own internal applicant tracking database. We use iCIMS, which is great because it’s scalable and customizable. I spend a lot of time doing keyword searches and speaking with hiring managers. I want to get to the heart of what they want in a candidate beyond just years of experience and education.

How She Finds Talent

I do deep searches on LinkedIn and Facebook. There are many unique user groups on Facebook. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it. It’s so dynamic, and the people are engaged. On any given day, there’s always somebody I can talk to. I also monitor job boards such as Indeed and self-promotion sites such as And I look for experts at conferences and government agencies and through industry publications.

How She Reels Them In

Conference brochures and published papers can be a good starting point for finding innovative leaders in their field. When I make contact, people are often dubious; they simply can’t believe that they’ve left enough of a digital footprint to get the attention of someone outside their area of expertise. So I walk them through the steps I took to find them. That usually leaves an impression and opens up a discussion about hiring.


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