2016 Democratic National Convention

2016 Democratic National Convention

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​​As part of SHRM's "Year of Advocacy," staff members of SHRM and the Council for Global Immigration (CFGI), led by President and CEO Hank Jackson, attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia after attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland the previous week. SHRM was the only human resources organization attending these events, representing 285,000 SHRM members. 

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​​Ignore Immigration and Global Issues at Your Own Peril
By Tony Lee

Improving global workplace awareness and gaining a better understanding of U.S. immigration policies have both emerged as core issues in the 2016 presidential campaign. Yet, few HR professionals rank either as an area where they think they need to spend more time researching and staying up-to-date on new trends, which may be a costly mistake.

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​​Trump vs. Clinton on Health Care: Their Differences Are Clear
By Tony Lee

Of all the issues debated by the Trump and Clinton campaigns, few offer a clearer picture of the candidates' philosophical differences than health care coverage. While Hillary Clinton says her goal is to preserve and build on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Donald Trump has made clear his intention is to repeal current legislation and replace it with a system that requires less federal government support.

Day 1: HR and Equality

Clinton vs. Trump: Equal Pay for Equal Work
By Tony Lee

PHILADELPHIA—Ensuring that employers provide equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, has traditionally been a priority of the Democratic Party, while Republicans historically have pushed back on any laws that would potentially infringe on an employer's ability to reward its workforce primarily on the basis of merit with minimal government interference. Those positions have held true so far in the 2016 presidential election season during the primary debates, in speeches on the stump and in position papers released by both candidates. 

Day 2: HR and Workplace Development

​Employers Must Play a Role in Workforce Development
By Roy Maurer

PHILADELPHIA—Employers have an urgent responsibility to re-examine their investment in workforce development in order to close the skills gap, said a panel of legislators, business leaders and thought leaders July 26 at the Democratic National Convention.  

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) President and CEO Henry G. "Hank" Jackson spoke at the event sponsored by SHRM and centrist think tank Third Way.

The demand for information technology has increased the need for knowledge- and technology-intensive skills.

Warner: Let Gig Workers Take Benefits with Them
By Roy Maurer

PHILADELPHIA—Portable workplace benefits will have to be part of a new social contract between U.S. employers and workers as more Americans join the gig economy, said Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., speaking at the Democratic National Convention on July 26.

"While the gig economy may still be relatively small, depending on how you slice it, about 35 percent of the workforce today in America is in some kind of contingent status, whether it's as an independent contractor [or] someone doing a series of part-time jobs," Warner said during a panel sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Third Way, a centrist think tank.

But a huge obstacle impeding many U.S. workers from thriving in the new economy is a lack of portable benefits. Freelancers may work with several employers each year and, due to the temporary nature of their employment, go without essential benefits such as health care coverage, unemployment insurance or workers' compensation.

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Day 3: Politics and the Workplace

CNN Grill at the Democratic National Convention
From left: Panel moderator Alisyn Camerota, CNN anchor and co-host of CNN's morning show "New Day" with Chris Cuomo; Ana Navarro, Republican strategist and commentator; Errol Louis, CNN political commentator and host of "Inside City Hall," a nightly political show on NY1, an  all-news channel in New York; and Patti Solis Doyle, CNN political commentator and political organizer and strategist. Photo by Tony Lee

Paid Leave Discussed at DNC
By Roy Maurer

PHILADELPHIA—Paid time off when sick or for family and medical emergencies is a topic of debate during this election cycle but also a perennial challenge for employers, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

"No matter what the results of this election, we will have big issues facing us," said Henry G. "Hank" Jackson, SHRM president and CEO, speaking to members of the SHRM Pennsylvania and Garden State councils at the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

"All of the issues being debated at the conventions are people issues," Jackson said. "The issues of today are our issues: wages, health care, immigration, recent changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act. … [and] paid time off." 



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