​Your workplace may have had nutty or sweet moments, but did pigs visit your workplace? Or did a co-worker greet customers from inside a luggage bin? Read on for workplace news during 2019 that was touching, puzzling or downright eyebrow-raising.

Flight Attendant Caught Hiding in Overhead Bin 

A passenger aboard a Southwest Airlines plane spotted a flight attendant wedged into an overhead bin where passengers store their luggage. She greeted passengers from above as they boarded the Nashville-to-Atlanta flight.

A statement from the airline noted that its employees "are known for demonstrating their sense of humor and unique personalities."

"In this instance, one of our flight attendants attempted to have a brief moment of fun with customers during boarding." 

Truffles the Pig Goes to Work 

An e-commerce company that sells plumbing, heating and HVAC supplies modified its office pet policy to permit pigs.

It allowed employee Steve Erickson to bring Truffles, his 24-lb. potbellied pig, into the company headquarters in Melville, N.Y. She made her entrance around the time of Chinese New Year in February—appropriate timing, as 2019 is the year of the pig, Erickson noted.

There are plans to add Truffles' picture to the company's "Meet the Team" page that features employees with their pets.

This Little Piggy Went to Market… 

The company Truffles visited seems to be a far better place for pigs than an organization in central China, where sides of pork were given to workers who spent a lot of money shopping online. 

The company owner gave an entire leg of pork to an employee whose purchases totaled $20,013. He said he was worried that, after spending so much, she and other employees who shopped a lot would not be able to afford the rising price of pork.

He distributed other portions of the meat based on how much an employee spent online. The employee who spent the least received a pig's tail.
(Global Times)   

Deer Butchered in Nail Salon 

A nail technician at a salon in North Carolina startled at least one client when she began butchering a skinned deer with a kitchen knife in the middle of the workplace. The carcass was being divided so workers could take the meat home.

A university student who was at the salon for a manicure reported the incident to the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners.

"I don't hope they lose their jobs or anything. That's not why I did it," the student told a TV reporter. "But people can get sick from this."
(News4 TV)  

Secret Santa Anxiety 

Worries about appearing "too stingy" in workplace Secret Santa gift exchanges is causing Millennials anxiety. They are dipping into their savings or going into debt to afford workplace presents, according to a UK job board.

Approximately 17 percent of respondents to a survey said they felt shamed at work when others told them they were stingy in office gift exchanges. "Secret Santa" exchanges involve drawing a colleague's name and anonymously giving that colleague a gift.

Some feel quite strongly about the anonymous gift exchange—20 percent of Millennials don't think such events belong in the workplace, and 35 percent of Millennials want to see the Secret Santa practice banned completely.

Café Employs Humanoid Robots 

Robots have joined the staff at Enjoy Budapest Café to serve food and drinks and to clean tables. Pepper, the "receptionist," can converse and dance with customers. The eatery employs twice as many people since it began using the robots, because people are needed to operate the 16 to 20 automated staffers from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

An IT company opened the café, where the robot waiters follow fixed paths to deliver customer orders.

Cleaning Restaurant Table with Floor Mop

A Burger King in Florida may want to consider using robots to clean its restaurant after a customer saw an employee use a mop to clean some tables in the play area one night and caught the action on camera.

The company condemned the worker's actions and said the restaurant owner will be retraining his team "on all operational protocols."

Worker Spikes Co-Workers' Drinks with LSD 

A car-rental employee in Arnold, Mo., allegedly spiked three co-workers' water bottles and coffee cups with LSD to rid them of "negative energy." Two co-workers who began acting strangely were taken to the hospital until the drugs wore off, and the 19-year-old eye-drop wielding worker was charged with second-degree assault of a controlled substance, pending the results of a police lab test of his co-workers' drinks.

(The Witchita Eagle)   

New Sloping Toilet Designed to Minimize Bathroom Breaks 

British startup Standard Toilet received a patent for a toilet seat slanted at a 13-degree angle, making it difficult to sit for over five minutes at a time. Creator Mahabir Gill said his invention was inspired by his frustration at finding co-workers asleep on the john.

The main benefit of installing an angled toilet, he said, is for employers concerned that staffers are whiling away company time on the potty.

Kidney Donor Sought for Worker

Virginia company owner Harry Braswell has been seeking a kidney donor for Eduardo Barahona, an employee at his home-renovation firm. Barahona has worked for Braswell for 14 years and has known for two years that his kidneys were failing.

Braswell, who said people who need transplants have between five and seven years to find an organ replacement, tried to donate one of his kidneys but was unable to do so.

"I just hate to see someone who's in this position to not get some help," Braswell said. "He's worked so hard. He's just a great guy. I feel obligated to do something for him."

Clerk Makes 7-Hour Roundtrip Drive for Customer 

A bagel store clerk in New York state drove seven hours roundtrip to return a set of keys a customer from Pennsylvania left behind. The customer popped into Bagels 101 to get some coffee and used her rewards fob on her keychain but walked away without her keys. 

The customer didn't realize what she had done until she and her husband arrived home that day, which was a Saturday. She immediately phoned the bagel shop, and the clerk made plans to mail the keys overnight, until he realized there was no Sunday mail delivery. Without the keys, neither the woman nor her husband would be able to drive to work.

The clerk asked for their address, hopped in his car to make the 180-mile trip and returned the keys.

Maryland Real Estate Company Surprised Workers with $10 Million Bonus 

Christmas came early for the 198 employees at St. John Properties in Maryland.

Company founder and chairman Edward St. John announced during the company's annual holiday party on Dec.7 that they would share in a $10 million bonus—an average of $50,000 per employee. Bonuses will vary based on years of service.
The gift—which is in addition to a year-end bonus—celebrates the company's goal of developing 20 million square feet of office, retail and other commercial real estate space in eight states.
(USA Today)   

Hibernating in a Hotel  

A black bear that entered a Montana hotel through a window found the countertop in the ladies' bathroom made a bed that was juuuust right for napping.

There was no indication he was accompanied by a young girl with curly blonde hair. Refusing to leave on his own, the bear was carried out, fast asleep, after a team of police and wildlife officers tranquilized him. He eventually was released in a remote area.

Ready for Dancing with the Stars?  

A passenger captured an American Airlines employee busting some moves on the tarmac at Nashville (Tenn.) International Airport. 

"All of a sudden he just starts dancing," she said. "He is magic, and we need this kind of joy in our lives."

A spokesman for the airlines told ABC that the dancing employee, crew chief Isaiah Foster, was "proving that when you love what you do, you can dance on the fly."
(Good Morning America)


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