Bone Broth Cleanse, Push-Up Clubs: HR Pros Share COVID-19 Workout Routines

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This is the second in a series of compilations of answers to #NextChat questions of the day about how people are working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

​Gyms and fitness classes have closed their doors and recreational areas such as tennis courts are locked as COVID-19 prompts strict adherence to social distancing mandates.

It's paramount, wrote Richard J. Simpson, Ph.D., in his blog for the American College of Sports Medicine, "that we find creative ways to exercise while maintaining social distancing and proper hygienic countermeasures."

How are you maintaining an exercise regimen during the coronavirus? Mary Kaylor, SHRM-SCP, manager of public affairs at the Society for Human Resource Management, posed that question during a March 27 #NextChat. The following is a compilation of responses from LinkedIn and Twitter.

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1. Bone-Broth Cleanse

On LinkedIn, Veronica Khelemsky, HR professional in Tampa, wrote: 

I am doing the bone broth cleanse. Spin class was my favorite activity at the gym. So now I am riding my bike outside twice a day around the neighborhood. Taking great pictures!  

2. Cycling, Roller Training 

Sabrina Strong Gallagher, director of technical services at JFC Global in Lancaster, Pa., and previously its senior technical recruiter, posted on LinkedIn:

I've been trying to cycle daily—whether it's on my rollers in my basement over my lunch, which gives me a boost for the afternoon, or after work, staying active and getting fresh air is key. I also love seeing how many people in my neighborhood are out on their bikes or walking as of late.  

3. Dancing 

Jamilaih H., HR generalist at McKinsey & Co., Boston, wrote on LinkedIn:

Online dance classes provided by Debbie Allen, Dance With Me USA, etc. I share every opportunity I hear of via Facebook so others can join in if interested.

4. Mirror Workout 

Monkia "Shae" Lewis, SHRM-CP, accounting HR manager at EIS Enterprises in Chambergsburg, Pa., said on LinkedIn:

I have the mirror workout. It's like an at-home gym. I get to socialize with others who are working out at the same time with me. It's great!  

5. Push-Up Club

Aaron Gates, HR manager at CDIT, an information technology and management services firm in Gulfport, Miss., responded on LinkedIn:

A group of us started a push-up club just before release-work started. We have maintained that. Every day at 11, 1 & 3 we get a Slack reminder to do a quick three sets of push-ups. It's not much but helps keep the connection with co-workers too.  

6. Online and App Workouts 

Bo Worley, HR specialist at Hood Industries in Hattiesburg, Miss., posted on LinkedIn:

Home workouts—you can go to and get workouts emailed to you at 12:15 a.m. so when you get up, you can get started. Most of these workouts need no equipment.  

LeeAnn Postema, clinical operations manager for Proactive Life Skills in Jacksonville, Fla., said on LinkedIn:

My gym released online workouts that you can access at home, utilizing household items to lift weights such as suitcases, etc. I have added walking, running, and stretching. I am really focusing on overall wellness through mindful eating, enjoying quiet/reflective time, and tending to my mental health. Worked from home for more than 3 years to it is easier for me during this time to be flexible.

Michaela V. Farmer, SHRM-CP, HR consultant at Pinpoint HR Consulting in the greater Augusta, Ga., area, commented on LinkedIn:

My gym has an app that we can download with hundreds of workouts that come with video explanations. Also, my exercise group meets 3x/wk via FB Messenger. It's wonderful.  

Rudy A. Monarrez, corporate recruiter for Tenet Healthcare in Tucson, posted on LinkedIn:

Prior to my Crossfit gym closure almost two weeks ago here in Tucson, AZ, I attended my one-hour WOD [workout of the day] each morning before I went into the office. I am now 100% remote. With the modifications to my "daily routine," it has been adjustment to this new normal; however, there has been a multitude of solutions to keep my body moving! Our gym has been leveraging technology to get workouts done at home using bodyweight via Zoom, FaceTime and Skype. No equipment needed—push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, burpees, reverse burpees, jumping jacks, air squats, plank to push-up, planks, deadlifts with 32-pack of bottled water, bird dogs, Russian twists, et al. Further, we maintain a group chat via social media and/or Google Hangouts for questions, guidance, tips, and socializing. Stay healthy, everyone!  

Kristia Worthy, director of talent development at the University of Louisville Athletics in Kentucky, tweeted:

7. Running, Walking 

Amanda Robinson, SHRM-CP, senior talent acquisition specialist for ProAssurance in Lancaster, Pa. commented on LinkedIn:

I've always worked out at home, so gyms closing hasn't affected my workouts. However, because I'm telecommuting, I'm making an extra effort to get outside for a quick walk. Also, having a scheduled workout time helps. Above everything else, if you're not working out right now, THAT'S OK! There's a lot of emotion surrounding this pandemic, and if all you did today was breathe, you're doing great.

8. Yoga, Kid Zuma  

Nichole Walker, employee engagement specialist at Washington University in St. Louis, commented on LinkedIn:

I have a toddler and infant at home with me while I'm working, so we do kid Zumba in the morning and kid yoga before afternoon naps!   

9. Create a Home Gym 

Angela N. Gist-Mackey, Ph.D., assistant professor of organizational communication at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, posted on LinkedIn:

My partner, Charlie Mackey, and I decided to turn our garage into a home gym. We bought a treadmill on Amazon. Moved our weight set into the garage and purchased a roman chair for back exercises. We even set up a little TV and a tablet for music and shows. In addition, our dog now gets daily walk around the neighborhood. hashtag#diyprojectshashtag#reinvent  

10. Meal Planning 

Nancy McCartney, SHRM-CP, owner and president of Greenville, S.C.-based HR Bridging, a division of HR firm McCartney Resources, posted on LinkedIn:

Meal planning is key! Combined with exercise (as we all know) is the plus to clearing the mind first with the physical health of our well-being. I've scheduled two breaks during the day to get out and away from my screens (since, like many of you, we're working even more hours). 

Trupti Kapoor, HR coordinator for AVIXA, a nonprofit association in Fairfax, Va., commented on LinkedIn:

Log what you eat and what you did to stay active in the day … while you are remote use that commute time as a consistent workout routine at home (pick your activity) walk/run/ stretch/yoga/meditate for that duration. Just commit to doing that with no excuses or less cheat days to the 'stay active commitment'! Just decide to use this time positively and stay safe!  

Angela O'Neal, HR specialist and recruiter at Social Security Services in Dallas, posted on LinkedIn:

So, I take it walking from my couch to my refrigerator doesn't count, right? Just kidding. I hope everyone is finding some way to stay healthy and active during this.  

Faith Stipanovich, SHRM-SCP, field services director for SHRM in Pittsburgh, tweeted:  

11. Mental Wellbeing 

Hilary Wilson, global accounts manager for Rhabit Analytics in Pittsburg, tweeted:

12. Weights 

David Kovacovich, business development director at BI Worldwide, San Francisco, tweeted:

13. It's a Challenge 

Dr. David M. Arrington, executive leadership coach at Arrington Coaching in Hampton, Va., tweeted:

Colleen Vedro, SHRM-SCP, HR generalist at LAFU credit union in Lansing, Mich., tweeted:



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