#NextChat: HR Professionals Hope Safety Initiatives, Remote Work Will Continue in Future

Kathy Gurchiek By Kathy Gurchiek June 25, 2020
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​This is the latest in a series of compilations of answers to a #NextChat question of the day.  

The nature of work has changed since COVID-19 forced employers to rethink how to conduct business, such as relying more heavily on employees working from home or revising how they provide their services with contactless deliveries. 

How do you think work will change and what changes do you hope to see? Those were the questions posed on a recent SHRM #NextChat by Mary Kaylor, SHRM-SCP, manager of public affairs at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The following is a compilation of responses from LinkedIn and Twitter:  

SHRM Resource Spotlight
Coronavirus and COVID-19

WFH [work from home] alternatives without making employees feel guilty.
Crystal Williams, talent acquisition manager at CompleteRx in Houston, on LinkedIn 

—Jeff Palkowski, SHRM-SCP, senior HR specialist in workforce relations for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, on Twitter

—Aishna Sharma, regional behavioral trainer at Trent (Westside) in New Delhi, Delhi, India, on Twitter

I'm hopeful that the conversation surrounding work/life integration will continue. Also, I think the future of the work "force" is that employees will have multiple sources of income. With so many furloughs and layoffs occurring, I sense a shift coming in terms of how our employees create a safety net for themselves with investments, side gigs, etc.
Amanda Robinson, SHRM-CP, senior talent acquisition specialist at ProAssurance in Lancaster, Pa., on LinkedIn 

—Shruthi Bopaiah, head of client engagement and communications at Bridgeweave in Bangalore, India, on Twitter

1.Creating vital safety initiatives to protect customers and employees. 2. Cross train employees in essential functions/roles to achieve business continuity. 3.Manage up with compassion. 4. Evaluate the pay structure for all levels. Entry and middle-level salaries should coincide with the current cost of living. 5. Employment referral incentives to employees. Employees are a great resource to finding new talent. It brings the who you know to a different level. I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, the employees will be loyal to their employer. The key to driving and boosting the company's objectives is providing a stable, strong, and enjoyable working environment.
Sylvia M., HR recruiting and retention specialist and associate resource manager at Kroger in Williamson County, Tenn., on LinkedIn

With the anticipated changes, I hope the following would be included. 1. A revamped organizational culture to include physical and mental health. 2. Work-life Integration 3. Diversity and inclusion. The experience of COVID-19 showed us that our employees' well-being is very essential and we must ensure that this is nurtured at all times. It also highlighted the fact that survival and productivity existed in a work from home model. However some companies experienced lower productivity during this time because the focus before and during were not on employees' mental health or wellness, it was on business continuity. If there was a model structured around wellness, work life integration etc., the results would have been better.
Lisa Green, international HR manager of corporate health care in the New York City area, on LinkedIn 

—Matthew Henry, HR generalist at 5812 Investment Group in Columbus, Ohio, on Twitter

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It's time for employers to consider whether they will require employees to get the COVID vaccine.



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