Fall 2013 Managing Smart

Sep 25, 2013
Put Goal-Writing in Employees’ Hands
Setting goals during the employee performance review process can be overwhelming. Delegate this step to the person with the most interest in accomplishing those goals—the employee. Remember that coordinating employees’ goals around activities that contribute to productivity requires communication, planning, rewards and support.

Many leaders fall victim to corporate gravity—the force inside corporate cultures that reward people for doing things the way they have always been done. Break free from the invisible weight of complacency by incorporating five practices into your leadership style.

What Women Need from Mentors
Women possess qualities that make them excellent mentors for other women. They thrive in mentoring relationships because they are natural collaborators. Given the many hurdles women encounter during their careers, it is the responsibility of those who have cleared the obstacles to help women who have just left the starting blocks.

Mastering Multi-Tasking?
In this age of portability and interactivity with smart phones, tablet computers and other devices, people may think that they have become masters of multitasking. Cutting-edge research tested this theory with interesting results. Business writer Kathryn Tyler interviewed the author of the research to find out more on multitasking and why it may be risky in the workplace.

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