Fall 2010 Managing Smart

Oct 4, 2010

A for Attitude
People who are focused on learning rather than on being a star performer ultimately accomplish more. ​Managing your attitude about achieving goals can help you attain more of them.

Are You an Enabler?
Ignoring minor infractions by employees only condones the behavior and enables them to continue it. Confront employees before the problems overrun your ability to deal with them.

Body Language Cues
True messages come through body language more often than verbal language. If you want to know what your employees really think and how they really feel, understand and respond to their nonverbal cues.

Millennials Are ‘Smartest Generation Ever’
Author Don Tapscott advises managers to embrace the Net Generation through a new work model: initiate, engage, collaborate and evolve. An ardent defender of young workers, Tapscott says they’re smart and collaborative—and will reshape the workplace.

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