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By SHRM Conference Today staff June 16, 2016

If you’re looking for ways to make your organization more effective and flexible, When Work Works’ Workflex Guides Series can help. These free guides are designed for employers that want to explore ways to reinvent work with greater flexibility. Available guides include:

Workflex in Retail, Service and Hospitality Guide: Cooperative Scheduling, Beyond Bias is the go-to resource for making service-based work more flexible and effective. For many, the idea of flexible work arrangements for hourly front-line service jobs feels impractical or difficult to manage. But, in reality, it is possible and has been instituted by a number of retailers, restaurants and hotels across the country. This guide provides tips, case studies and practical advice on how to use workflex to schedule shifts, improve economic security, and create a more reliable and productive team.

Workflex and Health Care Guide: From Forced Flexibility to Effective Schedules is for employers in the health care industry who want to rethink how they approach workplace flexibility for doctors, nurses and other staff tied to the 24-hour, hands-on, high-stakes task of saving lives. It provides several case studies as well as practical advice and tips on how to use workflex to reschedule, reduce and/or more efficiently reallocate administrative tasks and apply the mission of well-being to patients and employees.

Workflex and Small Business Guide: Big Ideas for Any Size is for employers with small staffs or individual teams who want to try workplace flexibility. It offers guidance on talking to resistant leaders and provides tips, case studies and practical advice on how to use workflex to leverage limited resources, create better work/life fit for employees, and boost productivity and retention. It also includes sample flexibility and paid-time-off policies.

Workflex and Manufacturing Guide: More Than a Dream will show you how workflex is possible in manufacturing settings. It includes real examples straight from factory floors, providing insights on how to make workflex a reality.

Workflex and Telework Guide: Everyone’s Guide to Working Anywhere is designed to help employers and HR professionals consider when telework works for their organization and employees by examining five key concerns of employers investing in telework.

Workflex and Managers Guide: Starting the Conversation about Workflex for You and Your Team is for the everyday manager charged with making work work for employees and the organization. The guide offers tips and examples on how to use workflex to create more flexibility for employees and their managers and answers questions about managing performance and flexibility, making sure everyone is treated equally.

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