In Focus: Donald Trump Wins U.S. Presidential Election

Here are the president-elect's plans for the Affordable Care Act, overtime rule, immigration, paid leave and more workplace issues


President-elect Donald Trump has promised a range of actions from repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act to stricter immigration enforcement.

Trump Wins

Donald Trump won the presidential race in an upset, winning battleground states from Florida and North Carolina to Ohio and Pennsylvania. "Now it's time for America to bind the wounds of division," he said, congratulating Hillary Clinton on a "very, very hard-fought campaign."

(NBC News)

Affordable Care Act Could Be Repealed and Replaced

Trump has promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. This isn't a done deal, however, as there may be enough Democrats in the Senate to block such a proposal. Trump will seek to institute a cap on the employer-tax exclusion for health care, reform medical malpractice law and expand employer-sponsored wellness programs.

(SHRM Online)

Stricter Immigration Enforcement on the Way

With Trump's election, stricter immigration enforcement is on the way. He has promised mass deportations, mandatory E-Verify for employers, an overhaul of guest worker programs and a repeal of some of President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration, which allow for deferred deportation and work authorization for certain unauthorized immigrants.

(SHRM Online)

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Surge in Infrastructure Work Promised

One of the few points of agreement between Hillary Clinton and Trump was the need for a significant boost in government spending to upgrade roads, bridges, ports, airports and other infrastructure. But it's not clear where the millions of workers needed to fill the new construction jobs would come from.

(SHRM Online)

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Overtime Rule Will Take Effect, But Changes May be Coming

In one brief interview this fall, Trump said he'd favor a small-business exemption from the overtime rule.

(SHRM Online)

Executive Actions to Be Scrapped

Trump has vowed to cancel every "unconstitutional executive action" signed by President Barack Obama, which might include a number of executive orders that apply to federal contractors.

(SHRM Online)

Voters Pass Measures on Minimum Wage, Marijuana

The presidential race wasn't the only election on the ballot in some states. Voters legalized recreational marijuana in California, Massachusetts and Nevada, while Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota passed state ballot initiatives to expand access to medical marijuana. Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington passed minimum-wage increase initiatives.

(Wall Street Journal)

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