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Jul 2, 2014

Employee Engagement

Survey Analytics has announced the release of FlashLet, a new survey tool designed to help businesses get an accurate picture of employee satisfaction and engagement. The survey analyzes employee feedback data that can help reveal trends in engagement and aid managers in developing action plans to boost organizational productivity.

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Health and Safety

Jiff Inc. has launched Challenges by Jiff, a game-oriented online experience that encourages employees to compete or work together to fulfill organizational health goals. Jiff offers employees the freedom to access the health applications and devices they prefer while still participating in company wellness initiatives.

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MetLife has added a voluntary retiree life insurance policy to its array of insurance products and services. With this new group-term life insurance plan, employers can offer a low-cost benefit that provides an innovative retiree-paid life insurance solution to employees who are approaching retirement age.

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Social Media

Terryberry has released a major upgrade to its employee recognition platform called Give a WOW. Give a WOW version 3.0 is designed to be more responsive and secure for users. The updated platform allows users to log in to a group page where interaction between and recognition of members are displayed on the group’s news feed in a social media style.

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Cangrade has launched Candidate Assessment Platform, an online software platform that can automate the hiring process and predict employee success. The assessment platform is designed to help employers make fair and objective hiring decisions as well as hire the best people based on future job performance predictions.

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Upgrades to the iCIMS Social Distribution online software program are designed to offer employers new branding capabilities for their recruiting and hiring functions. The upgrades include custom messaging, high-resolution images, and GIF files that can help recruiters better showcase their organization and its culture.

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DirtSearch LLC has launched a free application available on iOS and Android platforms. Unlike similar apps that allow limited free searches and require payments for results, the DirtSearch app allows users to conduct unlimited free background searches of individuals throughout the United States and store a history of the searches on their electronic devices. |


Take the Interview Inc. has developed new applications for its popular Expedition Program to help create the Digital In-Person Interview. This innovative program combines the benefits of digital interviewing with the value of meeting job candidates in person. Expedition Program participants will have access to the capabilities of Google Glass, which are integrated into Take the Interview’s popular Interview Management Platform.

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Training and Development

Planet Jockey has released its Leadership Game, an interactive gaming software program that offers employers and individuals an innovative way to develop leadership skills, strengthen emotional intelligence, and find mentors among business leaders and peers. The game is a multilevel, reality-based leadership training platform that places players in the CEO hot seat, where they must help turn around a troubled organization by building a high-performance team.

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Workplace Management

Magnatag’s new magnetic 365-day attendance and vacation monitor whiteboard shows employee absentee patterns and can help businesses reduce vacation conflicts. The Attendance Tracker package includes magnets and everything needed to use the innovative and highly functional system.

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