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Apr 7, 2014

Mentoring is more important than ever. Younger workers expect it or they’ll walk. Organizations need to provide it to stay competitive.

Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded (Berrett-Koehler, 2013) updates the classic, which has sold 120,000 copies and has been translated in 10 languages. This latest edition by Chip Bell and new co-author Marshall Goldsmith is a rapid-fire read that guides leaders in helping associates grow and adapt in today's tumultuous organizations. The new edition places increased emphasis on the mentor as a learning catalyst for the protégé rather than as someone who simply hands down knowledge—crucial for younger workers who prize growth opportunities but tend to distrust hierarchy.

As with previous editions, a fictional case study of a mentor-protégé relationship runs through the book, but it is now augmented with six case studies of some of the top U.S. CEOs. New chapters cover topics such as the role of mentoring in spurring innovation and mentoring a diverse and dispersed workforce accustomed to interacting and getting information digitally. Also new to this edition is the Mentor’s Toolkit, six resources to help in developing the mentor-protégé relationship.

This hands-on guide takes the mystery out of effective mentoring, teaching leaders to be the kind of confident coaches integral to learning organizations.

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Delivering the uncomfortable news that an employee is not stacking up can be stressful, and managers often have difficulties finding the right words to get their message across. Painless Performance Conversations (Wiley, 2013) by Marnie E. Green presents actionable and practical communication and management strategies for any manager looking to effectively influence employee performance. Learn how to focus these conversations for maximum impact on performance, crystallize expectations for what success looks like and engage employees in solution-finding.

Presenting four key mindsets and an easy-to-use conversation model, this book offers the tangible solutions that managers need to tackle critical workplace discussions with poise and professionalism, as well as the tools needed to stay focused in otherwise difficult conversations. Painless Performance Conversations will help you to lead performance-related conversations with confidence and create a culture of workplace accountability.

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Introverts may feel powerless in a world where extroverts seem to rule, but there’s more than one way to have some sway. As author Jennifer Kahnweiler shows in Quiet Influence: The Introvert's Guide to Making a Difference (Berrett-Koehler, 2013), introverts can be highly effective influencers when, instead of trying to act like extroverts, they use their natural strengths.

Kahnweiler identifies six unique strengths introverts have:

  • Quiet time. The periods of solitude that introverts crave provide them with a powerful source of creativity and self-awareness.
  • Preparation. Careful preparation, which makes introverts feel more comfortable, also makes them very knowledgeable and able to anticipate objections.
  • Writing. Introverts’ preference for writing over speaking enables them to influence others through deep, authentic, well-developed arguments.
  • Engaged listening. Introverts are great listeners—they’d rather listen than talk—which is a crucial skill for establishing rapport and mutual understanding.
  • Focused conversation. Introverts don’t like small talk, but they excel at the serious, purpose-driven, one-on-one interactions vital for winning people over.
  • Thoughtful use of social media. Oversharing doesn’t appeal to introverts online any more than it does offline, so they naturally use social media in a thoughtful, effective way. Kahnweiler includes a quiz to measure how well introverts are using these six strengths as well as exercises and worksheets for putting quiet influencer methods into practice on a daily basis.

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Michael C. Fina has released a new electronic book called It’s Never Too Early to Engage. The e-book features guidelines for developing employee recognition initiatives that encourage meaningful employee/employer relationships and help increase organizational productivity.

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HiringSolved is a new web-based recruiting tool designed to harness the power of social media and help businesses find the best-qualified job candidates. The tool allows hiring managers to recruit for all skill sets and to comb through candidate profiles that are hard to find or impossible to source through other systems.

Contact: 1-415-767-0823 | |

RiseSmart Compass is a cloud-based career development tool that can help managers improve worker engagement and performance by allowing employees to explore and define their own paths for professional development. The tool combines a video-based coaching platform with a career road map, which helps employees set career goals and then define the steps for achieving those objectives.

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