Summer 2010 Managing Smart

Jun 7, 2010

Keep Teens Safe this Summer
The ranks of teen workers swell during summer months, and the average number of hours worked increases. So does the likelihood they will get hurt. Prevent teen injuries by knowing the law and training your younger workers.

Retain ‘Tacit’ Knowledge of Departing Employees
When a top performer leaves for greener pastures, managers often attempt to transfer knowledge by focusing on documenting steps to perform discrete tasks. But organizational wisdom can’t be boiled down to standard operating procedures. Cognitive task analysis, however, can help retain multiple dimensions of job know-how.

Actively Prevent Passive-Aggressive Behavior
Everyone has a funny story about the egregious passive-aggressive actions of a mother-in-law, spouse or friend. While irritating, the behavior usually isn’t costly. In many workplace settings, though, passive-aggressive employees can sabotage deadlines, morale and productivity.It is critical for managers to recognize passive aggression before it affects efficiency.

Mediation that Transforms Relationships
Mediation is a familiar dispute resolution alternative with different approaches: facilitative, directive and, more recently, transformative. The first two techniques focus on resolution, while the transformative method recognizes that conflict is a breakdown of interaction and empowers the parties to come to their own agreement.

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