Donald Trump Administration Coverage

HR professionals must prepare for Donald Trump's proposed workplace policies

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Will the presidential innauguration of Donald Trump, it is time for HR professionals to review and prepare for his proposed workplace policies. 

The following is a compilation of SHRM's post-election coverage of the Donald Trump administration:

Donald Trump's Workplace Policies:

Donald Trump Trump’s Ideas for Change in the Workplace
In some cases, President Donald Trump is calling for less regulation; in other situations, he calls for more. And his proposals aren't without some controversy.

Trump's First 100 Days: Slow Action on Some Items, Swift on Others
President Donald Trump's first 100 days will be dedicated to initial steps such as repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and proposing paid maternity leave. Trump has said he wants Congress to approve his proposals quickly but the pace of Congress may be slower than is to his liking. 

Trump Administration Coverage:

Andrew Puzder In Focus: Puzder Nomination Hangs in the Balance
CEO Andrew Puzder may be having second thoughts about his nomination, sources say. But others indicate he's up for the confirmation battle. 

Obama Legacy Includes ACA, New Overtime Rule, LGBT Protections
President Barack Obama entered office during the Great Recession and is leaving the nation's economy—by many measures—better than he found it. During his tenure, he issued executive orders to protect diverse groups of federal employees and called on private businesses to do the same. Now his landmark piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act, faces being repealed and replaced, and President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to undo many of Obama's executive orders. 

Trump Promises Immigration Plan Within First 100 Days
President-elect Donald Trump's administration will begin transforming the U.S. immigration system soon after he is sworn in as the nation's 45th president, fulfilling a major campaign pledge.

Puzder's Qualifications for Secretary of Labor Challenged
Andrew Puzder's compliance record as CEO at CKE Restaurants (the parent company of the Hardee's and Carl's Jr. burger chains) comes up short for a nominee to be secretary of labor, say congressional Democrats. Department of Labor investigations have turned up violations of workers' rights in more than half of inspections of Hardee's and Carl's Jr. restaurants,  a group of senators said in a letter to Sen. Lamar Alexander, chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. 

Will Trump's Administration Enforce Marijuana Laws?
Under President Barack Obama, the Department of Justice (DOJ) hasn't focused enforcement efforts on stopping state-approved medical or recreational marijuana use, but that could change with the new administration.

Regulatory Reform Likely Under Puzder
Despite worker groups' opposition, wage and hour attorneys predict that Andrew Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants—the parent company of the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's burger chains—will be confirmed by the Senate as the next secretary of labor. Employers can then expect Department of Labor (DOL) regulations implemented under the Obama administration to be re-examined or repealed.

Employers that Export Jobs Face UncertaintyEmployers that Export Jobs Face Uncertainty
President-elect Donald Trump's threat to impose steep tariffs on U.S. companies planning to move jobs abroad could have a chilling effect on those intentions. But it's not clear if the president has the power to sanction individual organizations for exporting jobs, if such penalties would be supported by Congress or if the courts would uphold those penalties.

Labor Relations Will Change Under Trump

The election of Donald Trump as president turned the landscape of labor relations law upside down. Prior to the election, those expecting Hillary Clinton would win projected the expansion of the Obama administration's rules and executive orders. But the advent of a Trump administration reverses those assumptions.

Trump Appoints Andy Puzder as Labor Secretary
President-elect Donald Trump named Andrew Puzder, the chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants—the parent company of the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's burger chains—as secretary of labor on Dec. 8.

Trump Faces Choice on Overtime Appeal
The Department of Labor (DOL) under President-elect Donald Trump may withdraw the DOL's appeal of a preliminary blocking of the federal overtime rule if there hasn't been a decision on the appeal by Inauguration Day. 

Election Results and Supreme Court Vacancy Raise Questions for the Workplace
Justice Antonin Scalia's passing earlier this year and the recent presidential election are two events that have had a wide impact on the wage and hour arena in recent months, according to Christopher Parlo, an attorney with Morgan Lewis in New York City.

Woman and childTrump’s Maternity Leave Proposal May Not Be Popular on Capitol Hill
Once Donald Trump becomes president, he may find critics of his paid maternity leave proposal on both sides of the aisle. Republican-supported legislation for banking compensatory time to cover future family leave needs may have brighter prospects. Even that may be a long shot, though, as its chief sponsor, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., was not re-elected.

Trump Immigration Policy Likely to Be Enforcement-Heavy
President-elect Donald Trump campaigned with an immigration enforcement-first message, focusing on border and worksite enforcement and protecting U.S. workers' jobs. 

Much attention has been focused on how President-elect Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress will approach health care benefits, but less has been said about the incoming administration's views on retirement benefits. That's because retirement savings, while critical for Americans' security and well-being, wasn't addressed much during the campaign.

ACA Likely to Change Substantially but Full Repeal Unlikely
President Donald Trump and GOP congressional leaders are expected to first make a grand gesture of trying to repeal the ACA, and then start negotiating with Democrats on changing the law in ways that can attract enough senators from both parties to pass the 60-vote threshold. Alternatively, Republicans may use the process of budget reconciliation—in which a simple Senate majority is needed to pass measures related to spending.

President-Elect Trump’s Paid Parental Leave Is Only for Mothers After Childbirth
In September, then-candidate Donald Trump unveiled a plan to guarantee six weeks of paid maternity leave for new mothers after childbirth. It does not extend to new fathers, parents who adopt nor those who have children through surrogacy.

Politics in the Workplace

Post-Election Emotions Run High in the Workplace
"It was like somebody died. There was really a lot of grief, and you don't just ignore that. We're not a political organization, and we don't have political conversations in the office, so I wasn't sure how to navigate this … how to acknowledge the feelings that [Hillary Clinton supporters] were having without potentially marginalizing others who had voted [for Trump]." 

Executive Onboarding Lessons from Presidential Transitions
Imagine what would happen if your company’s entire executive leadership and management teams up and left at the same time, handing over their badges and turning off the lights without leaving so much as a list of tips behind for the folks who would replace them. Thousands of vacancies would open up in an instant—and your HR team would have less than three months to recruit for those positions. 

How to Win at Office Politics
There's no escaping office politics, so learn how to cultivate your power and use it wisely. 

Presidential Election Is Stressing Out Workers, Hurting Productivity Presidential Election Is Stressing Out Workers, Hurting Productivity
The contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for president of the United States stressed out workers and incited workplace arguments that hurt productivity, according to new findings by the American Psychological Association (APA).

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