Winter 2011 Managing Smart


Greater Expectations
A manager’s bias of an employee’s ability may determine that employee’s performance level. Whether low or high, your expectations influence how you manage. Raising your expectations can make all the difference.

Stop FMLA Leave Abuse
Employee abuse of intermittent FMLA leave is hard to recognize and discipline. Managers also must contend with legal pitfalls of correcting such behavior. But being vigilant within the confines of the law can nip this problem in the bud.

Are You a Slacker Manager?
These tell-tale signs will identify whether you are working below your potential—though you probably know if you are already. Acknowledge your slacker ways and set in motion a plan to be the best manager you can be.

Managing Unpaid Interns
The federal government is cracking down on the use of unpaid internships. Make sure your internships fall within the government’s legal definition and that the duties are considered general training and not work.

Resources for Managers
Books and websites to help managers do their jobs better.


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