SHRM Workplace Visions


Workplace Visions, a product of the SHRM Workplace Trends and Forecasting Program, explores developments in the economy, demographics, society, politics and law, science and technology and globalization and their potential implications for work, human capital and the HR profession.

Workplace Visions 2014

2014, Vol. 3: Trends in Workplace Professional Development
2014, Vol. 2: Employee Engagement: The Newest Research and Trends
2014, Vol. 1: Generational Changes in the Workplace

Workplace Visions 2013

2013, Vol. 4: Employee Development in a Slow Recovery
2013, Vol. 3: HR's Role in Preparing Workers for Retirement
2013, No. 2: The Professionalization of HR
2013, No. 1:
Changes to HealthCare in 2013: What HR Professionals Need to Know

Workplace Visions 2012

2012, No. 4: The Generation Gap: Will Millennials’ economic, education and career development gaps create a future leadership deficit?
2012, No. 3: With Health Care in the Spotlight, Wellness Programs Are on the Rise
2012, No. 2:
The rapid rise of social media as a recruiting tool
2012, No. 1: Changes to Retirement Benefits: What HR Professionals Need to Know in 2012

Workplace Visions 2011

2011, No. 3: Benefit Trends in U.S. Organizations
2011, No. 2: Higher Productivity, Higher Skills: Preparing for a New Hiring Cycle
2011, No. 1: Health Care Legislation: What HR Professionals Need to Know in 2011

Workplace Visions 2010

2010, No. 6: Succession Planning: Still Not Widely Embraced in the Workplace
2010, No. 5: Workplace Trends: A preview of the findings of the latest SHRM Workplace Forecast
2010, No. 4: Benefits Trends in U.S. Organizations: An overview of the latest findings from the SHRM 2010 Employee Benefits Research Report
2010, No. 3: Emerging Economies and HR Innovation
2010, No. 2: Post-Downturn Staffing Strategies
2010, No. 1: After the Recession

Workplace Visions 2009

2009, No. 4: Saving for Retirement
2009, No. 3: Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and the Recession

2009, No. 2: Can Sustainability Initiatives Survive in a Tough Economy?
2009, No. 1: Innovative Work Teams in a Challenging Business Environment

Workplace Visions 2008

2008, No. 4: HR’s Insight Into the Economy
2008, No. 3: An Overview of the Findings of the Latest SHRM Workplace Forecast
2008, No. 2: Workforce Readiness and the New Essential Skills

2008, No. 1: Changing Leadership Strategies

Workplace Visions 2007

2007, No. 4: Generational Differences: Myths and Realities
2007, No. 3: Benefit Trends and Employee Satisfaction
2007, No. 2: Social Responsibility and HR Strategy
2007, No. 1: Creativity and Innovation

Workplace Visions 2006

2006, No. 3: Women and work
2006, No. 2: Global Labor Mobility
2006, No. 1: Promoting Productivity

Workplace Visions 2005

2005, No. 4: The Future of Unions
2005, No. 3: Learning to Compete in a Knowledge Economy
2005, No. 2: The Future of Retirement
2005, No. 1: Preventative Health Care

Workplace Visions 2004

2004, No. 3: State Public Policy and Its Impact on HR
2004, No. 2: Offshoring



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