2016 Employment Verification (E-Verify) Survey

March 13, 2017

The purpose of this research is to assess, evaluate and monitor current employment verification procedures and practices in U.S. organizations as reported by HR and immigration professionals. The results of this research inform HR professionals, executives and public policy makers on the state of employment verification and E-Verify in 2016 and provide authorities, governing bodies, business professionals and public policy makers with empirical evidence and context for comparing current practices with established employment verification rules, laws and regulations set forth by the United States government. Previously, the Employment Verification Survey was completed in 2006 and 2014.


Key findings include:

  • Strong support for mandatory electronic verification system: Employers indicated they would support a mandatory electronic verification system (83% either strongly or somewhat support it). Employer support was even stronger if the electronic verification system is designed to avoid allegations of employment-based discrimination (95%), include strong safe harbor to protect employers (95%), authenticate identity (94%) or include photo matching to authenticate identity (84%). These findings are consistent with 2006 and 2014 Employment Verification Survey findings.

  • Challenges with Form I-9 and E-Verify verification processes: In alignment with 2006 and 2014 survey results, maintaining records when keeping track of documents with an expiration date continues to be the most frequently reported challenge (37%) with the Form I-9 employment verification process. For E-Verify, the fact that it does not replace Form I-9 (25%) and an unclear process for resolving tentative nonconfirmations (22%) were again the most frequently reported challenges.

  • Opportunities for improving participation in E-Verify: In 2016, among employers that do not participate in E-Verify, 37% reported that the reason for not participating is the fact that it does not eliminate the requirement to complete Form I-9.





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