Disaster Prep and Response Resource Page
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Disaster Prep and Response Resource Page

Disaster Prep and Response Resource Page

 Workplace Response Resource Articles


Kansas Shootings End at Workplace, Leaves Four Dead
A gunman killed three people in shootings that ended at a lawn care company in Kansas, authorities said.

3 Ways to Reduce Risk of Workplace Violence: Laws, Policies and Police
Recent shootings in Kalamazoo, Mich., San Bernardino, Calif., and outside Roanoke, Va., have made workplace violence a top concern these days.

Shootings at Work: Responding to the Unthinkable
About 5 percent of all businesses experience an incident of workplace violence each year, climbing to 50 percent at organizations with more than 1,000 employees, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Give Your Company a Fighting Chance
This guide provides assistance to business leaders and HR professionals by outlining some parameters for understanding, preventing and responding to workplace violence.

50 Percent of Employers Not Prepared for Emergencies, Employees Say
Whether it's a tornado bearing down, a fire on the factory floor or a disgruntled colleague brandishing a rifle in the office, panic takes hold and chaos often ensues when emergency situations occur at work.

Ensure Duty-of-Care for Workers Traveling, Living Abroad
As terror threats, diseases, natural disasters and other dangers mount, employers must establish detailed plans for ensuring traveling employees' well-being.

Are You Prepared to Evacuate Your Workers with Disabilities?
Although employers are not required to have emergency evacuation plans under the Americans with Disabilities Act, if employers covered by the ADA opt to have such plans they are required to include people with disabilities

Protect Against Winter Weather Hazards, Storm Threats
Winter doesn't officially begin until Dec. 21, but employers and workers need to prepare for and protect themselves against cold-weather hazards now—before the freezing temperatures and blizzards arrive.

Managing Through Emergency and Disaster
Whether a natural disaster, such as the deadly floods in Colorado, or a manmade disaster, such as a workplace shooting, it is critical that organizations have plans in place to manage operations during such times with minimal losses and disruptions in normal business flow.

SHRM's Disaster Recovery Resources

OSHA Tornado Recovery Guidelines

Keep Your Employees Safe During Disaster Cleanup

Business Continuity & Recovery After Disaster

Extreme Weather Blows Ill Wind for Small Businesses

SHRM Chapters, Members Quickly Moved to Tornado Recovery

Emergency Plans, Survival Instincts Kick In During Okla. Tornado

HR Issues

Employee Leave Eligibility and Natural Disasters

When Workplace Emergencies Raise Wage and Hour Issues

When Disaster Strikes: Pay, Leave and Related Issues

Employee Assistance Programs

Crowdfunding Among Ways Employers Can Help After Disasters

Managing Employee Assistance Programs

Requiring the Use of an EAP


Terrorism in the Workplace

How Employers Can Aid Victims After Disasters

Workplace Violence

Securing Against Random Workplace Violence

Domestic Violence at Work

ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Standard

First Aid

AEDs in the Workplace

Good Samaritan Laws in Emergencies

Preventing Workplace Fire Casualties

Safety Guides Targeted to Small Businesses

Small Businesses Lack Proper Safety Preparation





Crisis Management in Today's Business Environment: HR’s Strategic Role
This SHRM research paper discusses HR's strategic role in dealing with unexpected crises.

Planning for Disaster
This article describes a systematic plan for approaching emergencies, and preparations to keep employees safe and minimize disruptions to operations.

Resources to help businesses create continuity plans, prepare for the unknown, communicate with employees and more, including:

Get suggestions for a Personal Workplace Disaster Supplies Kit here

Learn about federal, state and local resources to prepare for, prevent or recover from disasters.

The Centers for Disease Control offers resources on emergency response to natural disasters and severe weather.

Stay up-to-date on the latest weather news.

Create, evaluate and test your disaster prep plan with these resources:





When Disasters Strike: Pay, Leave and Related Issues
When business is suspended or employees can't get to work, numerous employment laws are implicated including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Pandemic Response
Preparing for a pandemic at work.


Disaster Assistance.gov
Details the kinds of assistance available and reduces the number of forms to file to receive assistance.

State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management
Direct contact information for emergency management offices in your state.

Tax Relief in Disaster Situations--IRS.gov
The latest information on which localities can apply for tax relief following a disaster in their area.

Has a “safe and well” list where employees can let family, supervisors and co-workers know where they are.

Flood Recovery
Visit this page for flood preparedness and response advice.

Hurricane Preparedness
Visit this page for hurricane preparedness and response advice.

Click here to view resources on employee leave, wage and hour issues, disaster recovery, more.