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Workforce Readiness Resource Page

Workforce Readiness 

The Society for Human Resource Management believes that government and employers play a role in providing worker training and development opportunities to maintain a skilled labor force. SHRM also is committed to helping HR professionals remove the barriers that may prevent qualified workers from being fully considered for jobs—particularly because of their long-term unemployment status.




Community College Partnerships Offer Untapped Talent Pools
A national nonprofit is partnering with community colleges around the country to develop a retail certification program that prepares primarily low-income students for successful careers in the service industry.

Obama’s Tech-Hiring Initiative Expands
President Barack Obama’s program to coordinate technology training between city and state partners, local employers, and nonprofit organizations to speed up the hiring of people with in-demand skills has expanded to 50 cities and states nationwide.

DOL Career Centers Need to Market to Employers, SHRM Says
The Department of Labor should improve its marketing outreach for its One-Stop Career Centers designed to connect employers and job seekers at the local level, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

Apprenticeship Programs Gain Little Traction in U.S.
Apprenticeships, a staple of educational systems across Europe, are lagging in the U.S. Some business, education and government leaders in this country are trying to change that, but many acknowledge that they face a tough challenge.

DOL Proposes Rules Addressing the Workforce Skills Gap
Proposed regulations implementing the sweeping Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), were announced April 16, 2015, by the departments of Education and Labor.

Video Interviews Help Address Long-Term Unemployment
HR and hiring managers began using video interviewing to simplify the hiring process and increase access to a wider range of talent, but some companies have found that the technology can also help address one of the country’s most vexing problems: long-term unemployment.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act: What It Means for HR Professionals, October 2014
Long-Term Unemployment Best Practices and Pledge
From the White House (PDF)
Commit to these inclusive hiring best practices and help remove barriers for qualified long-term unemployed job seekers applying to work at your organization.

It's Time to Think Differently about the Long-Term Unemployed
SHRM Press Release
Declaring long-term unemployment a significant challenge to the country’s economic recovery, the Society for Human Resource Management has joined a White House effort to address the problem that affects more than 4 million Americans.

The Long-Term Unemployed: How to Make Sure
You Are Not Overlooking Skilled Talent
Guide for HR
Follow these steps to ensure that recruiting and hiring practices do not intentionally or inadvertently disadvantage individuals from being considered for a job based solely on unemployment status.

How to Effectively Market Yourself for a Job
When You've Been Long-Term Unemployed

Guide for Jobseekers
Having a resume with gaps in work history can pose a challenge, albeit not an insurmountable one, for job seekers. SHRM members offer the following advice to help you, as a job seeker, put your best foot forward.

Tips for Jobseekers
Use these tips to craft a great resume, ace the interview and land the job.

Long-Term Share of the Unemployed, by State in 2013
This chart, created by the Economic Policy Institute, shows the share of the unemployed who have been jobless for 27 weeks or more.

Addressing the Negative Cycle of Long-Term Unemployment
Report from the White House (PDF)

The SHRM Leading Indicators of National Employment® (LINE®) Monthly Report

Employment Expectations -5.2

Recruiting Difficulty -7.8
New-Hire Compensation +2.1


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Hank Jackson, SHRM president and CEOIn HR Magazine, Hank Jackson, SHRM president and CEO, urges HR professionals to "recognize the human capital potential in the ranks of the long-term unemployed."


 Job Market at a Glance

Unemployment Percent 


Unemployment rate in 
 May 2016
Jobs Created 


Jobs created in 
 May 2016
Job Openings

5.8 million

Job openings in 
 April 2016

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics





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