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Building a Strong Corporate Culture … And Seven Culture Killers
May 2, 2017, 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT
Sponsored by RightSignature
Effective leaders align employees' beliefs, decisions and behaviors with delivery of growth, cost and risk objectives. Ineffective leaders do just the opposit. Aon's Global Culture & Engagement practice leader Ken Oehler and Aon partner Don MacPherson will discuss the framework that great organizations use to shape their corporate culture. They will also talk about how to identify and eradicate those pesky "culture killers."

The Neuroscience of Leadership Development
May 2, 2017, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand
Leadership development options are often hard to navigate, and seldom yield the kind of fast and lasting change many organizations now need. Join Dr. David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute will look at discover how neuroscience provides a lens to rethink leadership development, suggesting the importance of three principles: simplicity, mutually-reinforcing content and learning that taps into how memories are best formed.

Every Company Has an Employer Brand: How to Determine, Shape and Leverage Yours
May 3, 2017, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Monster
Your employer brand is a powerful tool that can help differentiate your company and attract passive and active candidates. Monster's Lee Goss discusses generational perspectives and employment branding specifically as it applies to emerging talent. We will also discuss how defining a powerful “purpose-driven” employee value proposition can impact your ability to attract the talent you are looking for regardless of their generational affiliation.

How to Increase Employee Engagement Using a Social Intranet
May 4, 2017, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Simpplr
More than just a repository for content and a channel for communications, a modern social intranet gives employees a voice, and allows them to work together in more productive and satisfying ways. In this program, intranet expert and author James Robertson shares share insights, screenshots and best practices from intranets around the globe. Packed with practical tips, this session will empower you to better use your intranet to increase employee engagement.

How to Build an Effective and Flexible Workplace
May 9, 2017, 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT
Ellen Galinsky of the Families and Work Institute reviews key findings from the 2016 National Study of the Changing Workforce, the largest ongoing study of a national representative sample of U.S. employees. The findings will be discussed in the context of an effective, flexible workplace: a model for an employee value proposition, which this research shows can boost retention, engagement and other critical outcomes.

The Rise of Global Mobility Management: From Simple Relocation to Evidence-Based Talent Management
May 9, 2017, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by MOVE Guides
Traditional services approaches to managing global talent are becoming outdated as speed, flexibility and real-time analytics become critical to competing. In this program Brynne Kennedy, CEO of MOVE Guides, and Jim Lundy, CEO of Aragon Research, discuss research on the future for global talent management and how technology, data, and integrations have changed -- and will continue to change -- how HR teams move and manage their global employees.

Communication Matters: Strategies for Increasing Usage of Voluntary Benefits
May 10, 2017, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by EyeMed
While companies spend a lot of time and resources creating competitive benefit programs, they’re not always doing a good job communicating these benefits to employees. Jessica Connor and Rhonda Sizemore from EyeMed review three communication principles that can help ensure employees get the most from their benefits -- resulting in healthier, more productive and satisfied employees.

Open Enrollment Bootcamp: 12 Tips for Better Benefits Guides, Presentations, Emails...And More!
May 16, 2017, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by ALEX by Jellyvision
HR blogger/friendly drill sergeant Kris Dunn shares a dozen simple, battle-tested tips you can put into effect right away to make your benefits guides, presentations, emails and other content more engaging, helpful and easy for your employees to digest. In addition, he will explain how thinking of your communications approach as a mini-advertising campaign can help you get your employees to care more about what you're sharing with them—and, most importantly, get them to act.

Connected HR: The Backbone of Your Organization
May 16, 2017, 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT
Sponsored by BambooHR
The central nervous system is one of the hallmarks of an advanced organism, effortlessly coordinating essential functions like heartbeat, reflex, and growth. In this webcast, Brian Anderson and Bryson Kearl from BambooHR explore how HR serves as the central nervous system for the organization, working with finance, management, recruiting and marketing to help define business goals, strengthen culture and teamwork and accomplish organizational missions.

How Culture Impacts Talent, Engagement, Revenue and Profit
May 17, 2017, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Virgin Pulse
Industry experts Ron Goetzel and Andrew Jacobus discuss how investments in culture affect business results -- both directly and indirectly. Hear how well-being and the high engagement it drives can affect the entire HR spectrum from talent acquisition and retention to learning and development and on the job performance.

Making (and Winning) the Case for HR Digital Transformation
May 18, 2017, 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Adobe
HR has historically made due with limited investments in technological enablement and infrastructure. That's no longer an option. Having secured approval for every single business case he¹s ever written, HR thought leader Mark Stelzner will walk attendees through five proven steps to funding your mission critical investment in HR digital transformation.

The True Cost of Bad Hires
May 23, 2017, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Kronos
In today’s candidate-driven job market, HR professionals are under increased pressure to find qualified candidates without sacrificing time-to-hire and cost-of-hire metrics. However, trying to speed up this process without the right tools in place to help ensure a strong candidate experience can lead to costly hiring mistakes. Kristen Wylie from Kronos and Daria Friedman from Brandon Hall Group will discuss how modernizing your talent acquisition processes with a unified, end-to-end technology solution can help you reduce your risk of bad hires and ensure that your process not only welcomes, but also nurtures and engages new talent.

The Total Employee Experience: Aligning Culture and Benefits to Underscore Workplace Wellness
May 24, 2017, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by IdentityForce
Greater competition for highly skilled talent, combined with high turnover rates with millennials means there couldn’t be a better time to deconstruct and rebuild your current benefit packages. In this lively program, Steven Bearak, CEO of IdentityForce, and David Drap, president, WellnessIQ, discuss how to ensure you're delivering benefits that your workforce will value.

5 Ways to Connect Your Company Culture to Your Core Values
May 31, 2017, 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT
Sponsored by BambooHR
Every organization has two distinct cultures. There’s the ideal culture (the one leadership encourages), and the actual culture, which is how things actually play out each day. In this program, Ivan Hurtt from BambooHR explores how to translate top-down leadership into an enduring cultural core that matches your vision for your organization.

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