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Legal Issues


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Supreme Court Broadens First Amendment Protection
The Supreme Court added another layer of constitutional protection to public employees' political expression, ruling that the First Amendment protects a worker who was demoted over a misperception about his political leanings.




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BYOD Policies: Striking the Right Balance
Companies should fine-tune their bring-your-own-device policies.

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Workplace Compliance
SHRM's weekly Workplace Compliance offers summaries of legal decisions, legislative and regulatory news and analysis of what they mean for your organization. It also provides you with bookmarks to new legal resources on the SHRM web site.

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California HR
The California HR e-newsletter is a monthly e-newsletter that provides the top California employment law news, including updates on state and federal court decisions and analysis of state legislation and regulations.

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Overtime Best Practices: Strategies to Minimize Risk and Control Costs
Sponsored by  Kronos
Proposed Department of Labor rule changes to overtime eligibility could make five million whilte collar workers previously classifed as "exempt" eligible for overtime pay. With these changes potentially going into effect as early as 2016, they could complicate your compliance efforts and increase labor costs. Attorney Kirsten A. Milton from Jackson Lewis and Kronos compliance product strategists Toni Kellam and Lynne Levey will discuss what the overtime changes mean for employers and recommend strategies for meeting these new challenges.

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Workflex: The Essential Guide to Effective and Flexible Workplaces

This guide includes research, legal, and experience-based perspectives and in-depth case studies of workplace flexibility as well the tools and techniques needed to translate those perspectives into action.