Episode 1: Closing The Skills Gap

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 Episode 1 


About This Video: SHRM research suggests there is a skills gap. SHRM President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., discusses the challenges facing organizations globally—and how employers and government can be a part of the solution with The Hershey Company’s Chief Human Resources Officer Kevin Walling.

Today the economy is hot, unemployment is low and the skills gap is wide. To compete, employers must invest in training, have access to diverse talent—wherever in the world they can find it—and create healthy workplace cultures.

SHRM believes that employers and government have a role to play in education and a role to play in training workers to help them be more productive and better qualified for jobs at all skill levels. Efforts should also focus on tapping non-traditional and increasingly diverse talent pools including veterans, low-skilled workers, workers with criminal histories and global talent.

To skill up HR, SHRM joined a White House pledge to train U.S. workers, committing to educate 127,000 HR professionals over the next five years.

 The Skills Gap is real—just ask HR.


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