Episode 3: Addressing Workplace Harassment

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 Episode 3 

  Addressing Workplace Harassment       

About This Video#MeToo raised the question, “Where was HR?” HR was there—is here—and this is what we do.” SHRM President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., and Betty Thompson, Chief People Officer, Booz Allen Hamilton, discuss HR’s role in creating and sustaining a healthy culture that prevents workplace harassment and discrimination – and the need for proactive policy and training. 

Now, more than ever, employers can’t react to workplace harassment with rules, education, and training alone. Culture is the key to a harassment-free workplace, and every decision an employer makes within an organization strengthens or weakens a culture – from who you recruit, promote and reward to how you respond to bad behavior. 

Culture change, led by HR, challenges everyone in the organization, from the C-suite down, to step back and ask: ‘What do we really believe in as a company and workforce?’ If you don’t like the answer, you must be prepared to lead a culture change.

#MeToo At Work


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