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Skills Gap and Immigration

More than 40% of U.S. employers reported having trouble filling jobs last year, and a growing percentage of organizations are now choosing to train their own workers.

 Learn how HR can help solve the skills gap. 

Key Issues Impacting the Workplace

What's the most pressing issue that the government should act on in 2019?            

  • 33% of people believe that health care is the most pressing issue.
  • 24% believe that immigration is the most pressing concern.    

Which groups should be responsible for solving important issues?

  •  Half of those surveyed believe that Congress should be responsible for immigration. 

  • 31% percent believe that the Trump administration should be responsible.

SHRM’s We Are Work Video Series
SHRM presents a special 3-part video series in which we engage in national conversations on three significant issues in today’s headlines that are having a real-life impact on employees and employers every day: the skills gap, employment-based immigration and workplace harassment.


Today’s biggest issues are showing up at work. Navigate policies impacting the world of work, gain insights and solutions from SHRM Research, and access tools for creating healthy and productive workplace cultures.

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