A Message from our CEO

In 2017, our Society is thriving and growing. Amid the myriad economic, political and social changes the world is undergoing, SHRM has built a solid foundation that will enable the HR professional and the profession to guide organizations through a whirlwind of change today and tomorrow.

I am pleased to present SHRM’s 2017 State of the Society Report, which highlights and quantifies the story of how we are delivering on our commitments to the HR profession and serving the HR leaders of the 21st century workplace. I am confident that 2018 will bring even more achievements we can all be proud of.

Download the 2017 State of the Society Report 

The skills HR professionals need today    


We continue to advance and develop our competency-based tools, and SHRM now offers over 1,200 pieces of competency-based content to keep our practitioners sharp and up to date on their skills. Our network of recertification providers now spans 2,000, offering 45,000 programs. We have also expanded our competency-based e-learning courses with selections sourced from leading providers..


In the new world of work, it isn’t enough for HR professionals to be people experts—they must be business experts. That’s why we developed SHRM’s competency-based certification. In the past year, we reached the critical milestone of more than 100,000 HR professionals holding SHRM-SCP or SHRM-CP designations.


SHRM seminars and conferences are another way we continue to develop the profession. The 13 conferences we hosted this year—including our second-largest Annual Conference in SHRM history—have allowed the profession to come together, make valuable connections and exchange ideas and best practices.   


SHRM Career Resources.

Successful people and companies aren’t the ones who are great at simply adapting to change or managing it. They are the ones who are great at preparing for and leading change .

SHRM President & CEO, Hank Jackson

A global network of HR professionals with access to the most trusted HR resources


SHRM is the world’s largest association dedicated to the HR profession. Our membership network is over 290,000 strong, spanning more than 165 countries.

We serve and engage HR professionals along the entire career continuum. This year, more than 22,000 student members were among SHRM’s ranks. At the other end of the career spectrum, SHRM’s Executive Network, HR People and Strategy, hosted thoughtfully designed events for top HR leaders and developed new ways to empower them to be more effective in their work and to define the future of our profession.


Our Chapters and State Councils are the backbone of SHRM, allowing us to serve local HR communities for over 60 years. With 571 Chapters and 51 State Councils across the nation,  there are few places where our members aren’t actively working to build the profession and transform the workforce. We are continually evaluating our affiliate relationship to better serve the profession. Additionally, when local professionals have a need to connect, SHRM ensures we meet that need. For example, in January we took the opportunity to begin operations in Northern California to support and connect the Bay Area’s 36,000 HR professionals with each other, and with services tailored to the state’s special HR needs.            


Globally, SHRM is influencing the agenda for HR as the permanent Secretariat of the World Federation of People Management Associations, which represents more than 90 countries. Our 35 international educational partners help SHRM provide professional development all over the world by offering certification preparation classes and materials outside of the U.S. Additionally, SHRM India continues to grow, hosting two of their largest-ever conferences this year—the SHRM India Tech Conference and The SHRM India Annual Conference. This entire region of the world is now engaged with SHRM India on people issues.   

HR challenges on every front


As HR professionals, we are called to be problem-solvers. We ensure SHRM HR Knowledge Advisors are available to our members by phone and email. To date in 2017, they have responded to over 45,000 questions and inquiries from HR professionals in organizations of all sizes.   


Editorial offerings such as HR Magazine also illuminate and explore the issues and challenges our profession faces. Newsletters on a variety of HR topics keep our members up to date, and they remain highly popular, with over 1 million subscribers who look to these newsletters as among their most valuable go-to resources.      


From our online community, SHRM Connect, to our member-contributed platform, Member2Member Solutions, to thousands of sample policies, interview questions, job descriptions, how-to guides and more, is the place HR professionals turn for the most trusted resources on human resources.


Our published research reports take high-level research and turn it into real-world solutions for business today. For example, this year’s Job Satisfaction Survey and 2017 Employee Benefits Survey Report enable practitioners to hone in on what employees want and need, making their organizations even more capable of attracting and retaining top talent. 

The new workplace as the voice of and for the HR profession

Serving as the voice of and for the profession is one of SHRM’s most enduring missions. SHRM expert opinion and research is sought out by the most reputable media outlets, and has appeared in nearly 7,000 news articles and broadcasts to date in 2017.   

SHRM also uses its influence to convene the HR profession around the issues and causes that matter most to practitioners and their organizations. In 2017, the SHRM Foundation shifted its focus to work toward building knowledge-based HR solutions to challenging inclusion issues. In the first of a three-year initiative, the Foundation is focusing on veteran employment. Additionally, it has awarded over 300 scholarships this year to help HR professionals continue to develop. Our affiliate, the Council for Global Immigration, has spent 2017 serving as the voice of employer-based immigration in what is an intense, ever-changing immigration discussion worldwide.     

In Washington D.C., SHRM is the go-to knowledge source for Congress and government agencies, who have turned to SHRM nearly 140 times so far this year for knowledge and perspectives on issues such as workplace flexibility, healthcare, immigration and much more. In November this year, a piece of legislation SHRM helped develop was introduced in the U.S. Congress. The “Workflex in the 21st Century Act” is about rethinking how, when and where people do their best work.   


Our Society is strong, growing and expanding its influence, because people management expertise is needed now more than ever. The Society continues to prepare HR professionals at every stage to advance their careers and guide their organizations into an ever-changing and exciting future.