Webcast: Frozen Out of Great Talent? Let It Go!
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Webcast: Frozen Out of Great Talent? Let It Go!

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A SHRM Webcast

Presenter: Doug Douglas, DX2 Consulting

August 2014 (available through Aug. 19, 2015)

Program length: 60 minutes

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    It's time to take a look at your recruiting process. The tried-and-true methods you've relied on in the past won't work in today's business environment. Budgets are tight, yet competition for new workers is fierce. Recruiting is chewing up more resources, yet employee retention is declining. In this webcast, recruiting expert and consultant Doug Douglas provides you with the mindset to take a holistic look at your recruiting strategy. You'll get an environment scan of the recruiting market, get insight into the kind of metrics you should be gathering and analyzing to assess your own recruiting strategy and get tips on how employment branding, social media and other tools can supercharge your recruiting efforts.

    About the presenter: Doug Douglas is founder and president of DX2 Consulting, based in Austin, Texas. Prior to starting his own business, Mr. Douglas was the National Engagement Manager at Stark Talent. With more than two decades of experience in the recruiting field, he is recognized as an industry expert in Talent Acquisition (strategies / processes / technologies), RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), and in attracting and retaining Gen Y/Millennials to an organization. He is a popular speaker both on webcasts for SHRM, Hr.com and IHRIM, as well as at network, association, and corporation events around the US.


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    Viewing this entire presentation, either as a live event or archived, counts for 1 credit hour toward PHR/SPHR/GPHR recertification from the Human Resource Certification Institute. Note: You are responsible for tracking your participation in this event.


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