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Revitalize Employee Engagement in Your HDHP/HSA
May 24, 2016, 12 noon, ET / 9 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Fidelity Investments
Employees are often hesitant to choose an HSA-eligible health plan over a traditional health plan. But once they're onboard, employees come to appreciate the benefits an HSA-eligible health plan with an HSA can provide and are ultimately satisfied with their choice. In this program, Fidelity Investments' Jeff Munn, Eric Dowley and Lee Belniak will explore how employers can break through common employee barriers with a journey of simple, personalized next steps that start at initial awareness of HSA-eligible plans and HSAs, to prudently using their HSA for immediate and long term needs.
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Designing Employee Engagement Initiatives That Actually Work
May 25, 2016, 12 noon ET / 9 a.m. PT
Sponsored by AnyPerk
It doesn’t take much searching to find an article, post or white paper on why employee engagement is important to your organization. What is much more difficult to find is something that actually helps you with the planning and implementation of your engagement initiative without a huge “consulting” engagement attached to it. In this program, Paul Hebert and Michael Stapleton discuss the “whys” AND the “hows” of employee engagement -- and the one thing you have to do to succeed.
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The Answers to the 20 Most Asked Questions About Soft Skills in the Workplace
May 25, 2016, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by BambooHR
Rusty Lindquist from Bamboo HR and Michelle Reed of SkillSurvey will lead a deep dive into soft skills identification and development. They will answer the 20 most common (and critical) questions about soft skills in the workplace and give you a chance to ask your own.
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California and the Federal FLSA Overtime Rule
May 26, 2016, 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT
In the past, California employers could ignore most changes in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act because their state's wage and hour laws went beyond what was required at the national level. Not so with the newly announced changes to the federal overtime classifications. Michael Eastman from NT Lakis and Lois Kosch from Wilson Turner & Kosmo will review the impact of the new rules on employers doing business in California. Note: In addition to qualifying for genral recert credit from SHRM and HRCI, this program qualifies for HRCI's PHR-CA and SPHR-CA recert credit.
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Dealing with Financial Stress in the Employee Life Cycle
June 1, 2016, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Nationwide
Financial stress is sometimes the result of a crisis but, more often than not, it’s triggered by regular events throughout our lives: moving out on our own, buying a home, getting married, having a child, getting divorced, sending kids to college, retirement, death of a spouse … the list goes on. In this program, you'll learn how to identify signs of financial stress within your employees and build a plan to help them get back on track toward financial wellness.
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Performance Expectations: Goals Start at the End, Not the Beginning
June 2, 2016, 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT
Sponsored by BetterWorks
Goals may seem simple and easy. Unfortunately, what seems simple and easy at the beginning often becomes vague and confusing at the end. When it comes time to evaluate the success of the effort, managers and employees too often disagree on the what of the goal. In this webcast, author and consultant Mike Deblieux, SHRM-SCP, will provide practical tips and a template to guide effective goal setting.
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Don’t Leave Home Without It: Building HR Service Delivery on a Global Scale
June 8, 2016, 12 noon ET / 9 a.m. PT
Sponsored by PeopleDoc
HR thought leader Tim Sackett and Adam Krahling, vice president of Global HRIS for American Express, take a look at how AMEX expanded HR service delivery globally. Learn how a large organization like AMEX moved its HR operations forward on a global scale, the impact it had and the step-by-step process it used to ensure success.
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Onboard, Not Overboard! How to Use Training to Drive New Hire Productivity
June 14, 2016, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by BizLibrary
With the economy turning around, many growing companies are starting to recruit talented new employees. That means a lot of first days on the job and a lot of time and money to spend while new employees get up to speed. In this program, Jeremy Lieb of BizLibrary will discuss five ways to accelerate the time it takes to get a new employee to become a productive member of his or her new organization, increasing both retention and profitability.
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The Neuroscience of Mitigating Bias and Elevating D&I 
June 15, 2016, 12 noon ET / 9 a.m. PT
David Rock, director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, shares research on the impact cognitive biases have on organizational diversity and inclusion. In this program, he will outline a new model that removes bias from decision-making processes, not people.
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8 Tips for Communicating Benefits to Millennials
June 15, 2016, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by ALEX by Jellyvision
Last year, Millennials surpassed Generation X to become the largest generation represented in the U.S. workforce. What does that mean for you, a savvy benefits professional? Well, it might just be time to give your benefits communication strategy a kick in the pants. Join Bob Armour of ALEX at Jellyvision as he shares eight practical communication tips you can start using right away to get your Millennial workers to pay attention to your benefits messages and actually engage with their benefits this open-enrollment season.
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Mentoring Milliennials: Engaging the Young and the Restless
June 16, 2016, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Cornerstone
The benefits of a well put together mentoring program are numerous, and these programs tend to work especially well with your younger employees. In this program, Annette Matthies describes the nuts and bolts of how to start a mentoring program, as well as a guide to avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls.
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No Time to Wait: Prepping for ACA Reporting Compliance in 2016
Sponsored by Tango Health
Mark Boxer and Anne Pachciarek from DLA Piper and Scott Van Horn from Tango Health discuss lessons learned from the reporting challenges employers experienced in 2015. Learn about everything you need to consider as you face the next round of ACA compliance challenges.
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Understanding DOL’s New Overtime Rule
Nearly a year after they were announced, the U.S. Department of Labor's regulations for overtime eligibility were announced this week. Michael Eastman of the law firm NT Lakis will lead this special program analyzing the complex rule from the DOL and its implications for employers. He'll also answer audience question on how to prepare for implementation.
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Making Workplace Well-Being a Culture Win
Sponsored by Limeade
The key to building a successful workplace wellness program is to connect its overall design to your organizational culture. In this webinar, Meghan Biro, founder and CEO of TalentCulture, discusses how to define and assess corporate culture and the tools you need to help employees engage in well-being.
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The Network of the Future, Today: How and Why Vision Networks Differ from Other Coverage
Sponsored by EyeMed
Evaluating the right provider network for your employees’ vision benefits requires looking through a different lens than you do for health or dental plans. In this program, Dr. John Lahr, vice president and medical director of EyeMed, will present findings from a recent EyeMed survey of benefits decision-makers on how vision benefits are perceived by today's multi-generational workforce.
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Open Enrollment Communications Made Simple
Sponsored by Guidespark
"Benefits speak" isn’t a language common to employees. If employees don’t know what you’re saying, they won’t pay attention. And they definitely won’t take action. In this program, Jennifer Weatherly of Write On Target offers proven techniques, real-world solutions and measurable results that can be achieved when you apply a simple approach based on clear communication to your open enrollment messages.
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Trends in Executive Development
Sponsored by SHRM Talent Assessment Center
What are organizations -- and employees -- looking for in their executive leaders? Bonnie Hagemann and Jim Kouzes from Executive Development Associates lead this informative session. The program will review 2016 Trends in Executive Development research and discuss what is says about the essential skills needed to lead effectively.
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Affordable Care Act Reporting: Compliance, Timelines and the All-Important 1094 Transmittal
Sponsored by Sovos Compliance
Now that 1095 tax forms have been printed and mailed to employees, transmitting the 1094 electronic file to the IRS is the next step. This program is focused on helping you understand what’s occurring throughout the transmittal component of the ACA compliance process.
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Benefits, Take the Wheel! 6 Ways Your Benefits Can Drive Employee Engagement (and Retention)
Sponsored by ALEX by Jellyvision
Employee engagement expert and New York Times bestselling author Kevin Sheridan discusses how putting the pedal to the metal on your benefits communication strategy can help keep employees engaged and happy at work so they stick around longer. Hear how you can market your company’s benefits to employees to demonstrate the true value and create a framework for communicating benefits year-round.
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Benefits 2.0: What Millennials (and Other Generations!) Really Want in the Digital Era
Sponsored by Gradvisor
As millennials grow up and their values change, their benefits needs and expectations evolve as well. In this program, Marcos Cordero of and Matthew Toner of Gradvisor discuss common misconceptions regarding what millennials want from their employee benefits. (Hint: It's not just about different benefits, but how they interact with, enroll in and educate themselves about benefits.) 
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How Digitization Can Simplify the Employee Experience and Propel Performance
Sponsored by Oracle HCM
To create cultures that support high performance, a digital HR strategy is key. Using search, recommendations, reviews, experience ratings and other mechanisms, HR teams are providing simple employee- and manager-facing processes despite large amounts of information and content complexity. In this program, Annette Wellinghoff, Oracle's vice president of HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership Practice, discusses how you can lead HCM digital strategy and support critical business transformation for your organization.
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The Evolution of Workforce Learning in a Connected Age
Sponsored by Instructure
In today's mobile, connected age learning is happening everywhere, all the time -- and often outside the reach of HR, learning and development or even managers. Jared Stein, VP of Research and Education for Instructure, describes how HR can take on the important role of creating a framework for substantial, meaningful, and goal-oriented workforce learning that fits the habits, desires, and tools of the modern generation.
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Strategic Recruiting and Retaining to Transform your Organization
Sponsored by BambooHR
Who you hire and how you hire them is critical to our organizations. In this program, BambooHR's Rusty Lindquist and Hired's Kelli Dragovich explore how to create a new employee experience program and power it with the right recruiting and onboarding practices to reduce time-to-productivity, increasing performance, engagement, satisfaction, retention and building culture that lasts.
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Marijuana Laws: Clearing the Haze of Confusion
Sponsored by HireRight
When it comes to changing drug laws in the workplace, many employer are dazed and confused: While many states and localities have loosened laws prohibiting marijuana, federal statutes are unchanged. In this webcast, Danielle Urban of Fisher & Phillips LLP examines changing and conflicting drug use laws mean for workplace drug policies and drug-screening practices, and how to balance safety concerns with the new legal realities. Register for this webcast

More Than Just Compliance: The Changing Face of Wage and Labor Law
Sponsored by Kronos
By investing in fully automated workforce management processes rather than having a hodgepodge of manual and partially automated solutions, organizations can better predict risk, provide solutions to mitigate existing risk, and create effective communication to employees of pending or existent changes to wage and hour law — enabling them to minimize risk, improve productivity, and enhance employee engagement. Cliff Stevenson and Claude Werder from Brandon Hall, and Kronos compliance product strategist Lynne Levy will outline how your organization can build a stronger compliance strategy.
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How to Recruit, Retain and Grow Your Millennial Talent
Sponsored by Cornerstone
Author and consultant Dan Schawbel provides advice on how employers can both attract and engage millennial workers. Sharing research data and real-world examples, he'll describe programs that can help the new generation of workers grow into leadership positions, rather than leaving your organization for other opportunities.
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Give Helpful Financial Guidance to Employees (Without Getting In a Boatload of Trouble)
Sponsored by ALEX by Jellyvision
Tim Sackett, SHRM-SCP, SPHR will walk you through the financial wellness education that you can give to your employees, describe the guidance you should be giving to your employees and point out the counsel you should still be afraid of giving.

How HR Can Address the Stress Crisis Head-On
Sponsored by Zebit
Studies estimate that stress costs U.S. businesses $300 billion annually, and that the top cause of this anxiety is stress of personal finances. In this program, Michael Thiemann, co-founder and chief executive officer of Zebit, Inc., discusses how HR professionals can tackle financial stress in the workplace, providing a number of practical tips that helps your organization protect the investment made in talent acquisition and retention.
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Using Analytics and Practical Tools to Drive Succession Planning
Sponsored by PeopleFluent
Learn the steps that make up a sound succession planning system and how you can help identify where to focus investments by unlocking the hidden potential of your talent. Presenters Michael Johnson and Scott Mondore will share how you can better assess your talent based on the competencies, skills, experiences and other elements that affect business outcomes.
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