Charting a New Path Forward for Women in the Workplace

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Changing the Face of Leadership
by Empowering Women to the Next Level

Women leaders are facing a lot right now. They are managing a constantly shifting environment, increased expectations, and juggling personal and family obligations.

The impact? Burn out. Opt downs — and even opt outs.

And yet, companies with gender-balanced leadership are far more likely to outperform, and individual women leaders deserve the support they need to flourish. We must urgently act to advance women leaders now.

How can women ascend into leadership roles and succeed at the highest levels?

In Her Own Voice, a new book from SHRM, empowers women to overcome the unique challenges they face in the workplace. These hurdles to advancement, identified through 25 years of research, include the Inner Critic, Internal Bias, Clarity, Proving Your Value, Recognized Confidence, Branding & Presence, Making the Ask, and Networking.

This book offers a data-based roadmap filled with advice and empowerment for any woman who aspires to rise to more senior ranks in leadership—and for any organization focused on gender equity at every level.

What People Are Saying about IN HER OWN VOICE

IN HER OWN VOICE Is the Women’s Leadership Book That Guides Us All

Individual Women Leaders

Individual Women Leaders

“We know that women face unique hurdles in the workplace, and women leaders at all levels who have aspirations to advance need actionable strategies that will empower them to realize their full potential.”

HR Executives

HR Executives

“When you are investing in your underrepresented leadership populations and supporting a culture of inclusion, your ability to engage, advance, and retain high-performing women leaders will set you apart in a highly competitive market.”

Team Leaders

Team Leaders

“Every people manager has a responsibility to lead across difference and chart a path forward for all underrepresented groups, including women, the largest underrepresented population at the senior leadership level.”

Business Executives

Business Executives

“By acting as a sponsor and mentor and cultivating a culture of inclusion, every executive can create and foster an environment where gender parity can be achieved.”



“The companies that actively work to advance women leaders are paving the way for the workplace that works for all--and as a result, will realize the proven business outcomes that gender parity in leadership brings to the organization.”

Jennifer McCollum
Jennifer McCollum
CEO of Linkage, a SHRM Company

About the Author

Jennifer McCollum is CEO of Linkage, Inc., a SHRM company, where she oversees the strategic direction and global operations of this leadership development firm. With a mission to “Change the Face of Leadership,” Linkage has dedicated 35 years to improving leadership effectiveness and equity in hundreds of organizations globally. Linkage provides assessments, training, coaching, consulting and conferences, with Solutions designed to Accelerate Purposeful Leaders, Advance Women Leaders, and Redesign Inclusive Organizations. Jennifer is an acclaimed speaker, consultant, and author—with two decades of experience leading and building businesses in the leadership development space. Her expertise includes how to close the gap to gender equity, why the most effective leaders are inclusive leaders, and how to demystify inclusion for leaders and organizations.

Jennifer has delivered workshops, keynotes, webinars and podcasts to thousands of leaders globally on live and virtual stages. She is a member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches community.

Prior to Linkage, Jennifer spent a decade growing businesses within Korn Ferry and Corporate Executive Board (CEB), now Gartner. At CEB, she led product management within the leadership division, driving innovative solutions that helped organizations select, develop and place leaders at all levels. She also ran CEB’s Leadership Academies business, which developed more than 30,000 professionals in 2,100 companies throughout 50 countries.

Jennifer has a master’s degree in communications from the University of Stirling in Stirling, Scotland, and an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University in psychology and communications. An avid skier and tennis player, she is the mother of three and lives in Washington, DC, with her husband.

Fresh Insights from Jen

Supporting Women Leaders – And the Organizations
Where They Work

Just one in four C-suite leaders is a woman, and only one in 20 is a woman of color.* This is a critical moment to focus our attention and action on achieving gender parity in our organizations and in our world.

Linkage, a SHRM company, is your partner on the advancement of women leaders. Discover ways to support, develop and retain women leaders today.

*McKinsey, 2022
Author Jennifer McCollum
Join Author Jennifer McCollum at the Women in Leadership Institute 2023

Women leaders, now is the time to scale the hurdles to advancement in your career and gain access to the insights and community you need to ascend to new heights.

Presented by SHRM, this immersive leadership conference accelerates the advancement of women across all levels, industries and roles, while providing career-changing networking opportunities.

Keynotes with the Author
Keynotes with the Author: Now Booking for 2023 & 2024

Empower women leaders through actionable, ready-now insights through engaging keynotes on the latest trends most impacting women. Jennifer McCollum, CEO of Linkage, a SHRM company, and author of forthcoming book IN HER OWN VOICE: A WOMAN’S RISE TO CEO, will guide attendees through the hurdles women commonly face on their road to advancement and identify actionable strategies to scale them.

During keynotes, attendees will explore:

  • The state of women in the workplace and the path to gender parity
  • The hurdles women must address to advance into positions of greater leadership
  • Real-life insights from a premier expert on women’s leadership who rose to become a CEO
Signature Solution
Bring the Advancing Women Leaders Signature Solution to Your Organization

Tap into a 30+ year history of serving organizations with ready-now women’s leadership offerings, including learning academies, virtual learning, assessments, coaching, and more. Linkage, a SHRM company, specializes in the advancement of women leaders by serving human resources, talent management and DEI leaders with the latest insights and approaches.

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