Trends and Forecasting
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Trends and Forecasting


 Workplace Trends Reports


NEW SHRM Research Overview: Talent Acquisition

SHRM research shows that HR professionals are in the midst of a challenging period for talent acquisition.



NEW SHRM Research Overview: Retirement Savings and Planning Benefits

SHRM research shows that employers are increasing their levels of retirement and financial planning benefits for their employees.


NEW Future Insights: Top Trends Affecting the Workplace and the HR Profession

Increased competition for talent, the influence of technology and demographic changes are among the trends to watch, experts say.


NEW SHRM Research Overview: Health and Wellness Benefits

SHRM research shows that many employers are relying on health benefits as a recruitment and retention tool, and are using wellness programs as a means of controlling health care costs.

SHRM Research Overview: Flexible Work Arrangements

SHRM research shows that employers' participation in flexible work arrangements (FWA) has increased in recent years, and FWAs have yielded positive results for recruitment and retention efforts.

SHRM Research Overview: Workforce Readiness and Skills Shortages

SHRM research suggests that many HR professionals are having trouble finding applicants with the right skills and qualifications for a substantial number of jobs.

The Aging Workforce Research Initiative

SHRM and the SHRM Foundation have launched an initiative recognizing the value in older workers and identifying -- through original research -- the best practices for employing an aging workforce. This initiative is generously underwritten by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Evolution of Work and the Worker

SHRM Expert Panels weigh in on the "Evolution of Work and the Worker" report and select the top trends with the greatest implications for HR professionals.

Challenges Facing HR Over the Next 10 Years
HR professionals say that the three biggest challenges facing HR executives over the next 10 years are retaining and rewarding the best employees (59%), developing the next generation of corporate leaders (52%), and creating a corporate culture that attracts the best employees to organizations (36%). This research also explores investment challenges, talent management tactics, evolvement of the workforce, and critical HR competencies and knowledge.

SHRM Workplace Forecast: The Top Workplace Trends According to HR Professionals
SHRM Workplace Forecast is published every two years by the Society for Human Resource Management. The structure of the report is based on a survey of human resource professionals on their views of key issues they feel will affect the workplace in the coming years. The report is divided into four broad sections covering demographics and society, economics and employment, public policy and law, and science and technology. The survey also asks HR professionals what actions they and their organizations are taking or are planning to take to address these trends, changes and challenges.

Future Insights: The top trends according to SHRM’s HR subject matter expert panels
The SHRM Special Expertise Panels are composed of HR subject matter experts. These panels compile lists of key trends in their subject areas that explore a wide variety of HR-related topics and trends.

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Perspectives showcases HR, business and academic leaders' expert views on a range of business and human capital issues.

NEW 2016: Business and Human Capital Challenges

2015: HR Professionals' Insights About The Job Market

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 HR Jobs Pulse Survey Report

This survey report periodically examines hiring trends in the HR profession, as well as HR professionals’ faith in their own job security and ability to find work elsewhere. It is based on the responses of HR professionals at early career, mid-career, senior and executive levels.
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 Trend Watch Columns


 Workplace Trends: Q&As with Experts


Experts share their observations with SHRM on the economy, the labor force and other topics connected to HR management.


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