SHRM-SIOP Science of HR Series: Promoting Evidence Based HR
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SHRM-SIOP Science of HR Series: Promoting Evidence Based HR

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A collaboration between the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)  and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

To further the use and understanding of evidence-based HR practices, SHRM and SIOP have partnered to create a series of resources for HR practitioners. These resources, available to SHRM and SIOP members and affiliates, are specifically intended to infuse the science of Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology and other HR disciplines into management practices for daily use in the workplace.

SHRM-SIOP White Paper Series

The SHRM-SIOP white paper series provides practitioner oriented reviews of evidence-based HR practices. These papers, written by leading researchers and practitioners in the field of I-O psychology and HR, make the science of evidence-based HR practices accessible to SHRM members and affiliates.

Each collaborative article will be posted to this page and can also be viewed on SIOP's website here.

For more information regarding the SIOP-SHRM Science of HR Series, please contact: James Kurtessis (, or David Dubin (

NEW Conducting Background Checks for Employee Selection

This paper discusses legal considerations in using two components of the background check: criminal history and credit history.

NEW Engaging and Retaining Mature Workers

This paper provides a review of current research on workforce aging relevant for engaging and retaining mature workers.

Role of Human Resources in Cyber Security

This white paper reviews effective cyber security training for end users of computer systems and offers suggestions about how human resource leaders can effectively implement this training.

Coaching for Professional Development

This white paper examines the role of coaching as an effective and integral component of leadership development programs.

New Talent Strategy

This white paper introduces several new approaches firms may employ to compete for the best talent in a changing world of work.

Competency Modeling Documentation
This white paper examines why documentation should be considered an essential element of all competency modeling projects.

Putting the "Performance" Back in Performance Management
This white paper provides evidence-based, practical approaches for improving performance management.

Social Science Strategies for Managing Diversity: Industrial and Organizational Opportunities to Enhance Inclusion
The goal of this white paper is to provide evidence-based recommendations for leveraging diversity. This overview considers strategies that can be enacted by individuals, both employees and managers, as well as those that can be adopted within organizations.

Leadership Development: Growing Talent Strategically 
The goal of this white paper is to discuss the importance of linking leader development efforts to the organization's mission and strategy, and observing how these links can clarify leadership performance objectives, competencies and gaps.

The Evolution of Employee Opinion Surveys: The Voice of Employees as a Strategic Business Management Tool

The goal of this white paper is to discuss the role of employee surveys as tactical events in business operations, and the importance of having broad-reaching plans following the surveys' results in order to enact positive change.

Applicant Reactions to Selection: HR's Best Practices
This paper bridges the gap between research on job candidate attitudes and behavior and applied practice by highlighting why candidate reactions matter, outlining the key research findings, and sharing a list of best practices for human resource managers directly involved in employee selection

Achieving Well-Being in Retirement: What HR Professionals Need To Know
This paper summarizes the research evidence and makes recommendations for policy makers and individuals to achieve well-being in retirement.

Driving Customer Satisfaction through HR: Creating and Maintaining a Service Climate
This paper presents data highlighting the link between service climate, customer satisfaction and human resource management.

Skill-Based Pay: HR's Role
This paper provides a detailed discussion of its different forms and purposes.

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