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People InSight Frequently Asked Questions

​Question: Can I customize the survey?
Answer: Yes, customization to the survey is available. Questions can be added to the survey or removed, depending on your organization’s needs. Supplemental questions can be added at $200 per question. Up to two questions can be removed from the survey at no cost after which, a charge of $200 per removed question will apply.

Question: Who administers the survey?
Answer: SHRM

Question: Are there benchmarks?
Answer: Employee responses will be benchmarked against SHRM’s database of 10,000 U.S. employees as well as by employees in your organization’s industry and by organization staff size. NAICS/SIC code is used to determine your organization’s industry.

Question: How is the pricing determined?
Answer: Pricing is based on organization staff size.

Question: What does the fee include?
Answer: The base fee includes the design and dissemination of the Survey, analysis of your data, and creation and delivery of a Survey report by SHRM to you.

Question: Do you administer the survey in multiple languages?
Answer: Yes

Question: Do you offer post survey support?
Answer: SHRM does not engage in consulting services, therefore, SHRM is not able to provide interpretations of survey results, recommendations for action planning or any other next steps based on an organizations results. We can offer SHRM resources that may be helpful to organizations as they assess their results from the comprehensive final report.

Question: How many questions are there on the survey?
Answer: The survey has nearly 100 questions that appear in a table format.

Question: How can you ensure confidentiality?
Answer: SHRM shall protect the confidentiality of the identity of all survey respondents that comes into its possession (with safeguards for confidentiality of respondents/participants per AAPOR ethical standards).

Question: Are their sample questions or reports I can view?
Answer: We like to encourage interested parties to attend a one-on-one information session instead of sending an email of survey questions, sample reports etc. that way should you have questions regarding the survey we are able to answer those questions right away.  After the information sessions we provide the materials discussed during the session which includes sample survey questions as well as the areas of the report.

Question: Can the survey be taken on smartphones?
Answer: Yes, survey participants can take the survey on their mobile phones or any mobile device with internet access.

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