Top 7 Diversity & Inclusion Trends in 2017

Kathy Gurchiek By Kathy Gurchiek December 21, 2017
Top 7 Diversity & Inclusion Trends in 2017

​The mix of employees in the workplace—from extroverts and introverts to Millennials and older workers—and headline-making revelations such as the Google manifesto were among the top seven diversity and inclusion (D&I) SHRM Online articles for 2017.

Move Over, Millennials; Generation Z Is Here  

The first class of college degree-holders from Generation Z, or the iGeneration, graduated last spring and headed into the workplace. Researcher and Generation X member David Stillman and his son, Jonah Stillman of Generation Z, have studied this cohort and explained who these employees are, what has shaped them and what they will expect from work.

Extroverts and Introverts: How to Get the Best Work from Both 

It's important that managers understand and accommodate employees' different approaches to work so that they can help all workers do their best work. The question is, how can leaders help team members advance their personal development to make sure everyone is working well together?

4 Ways for HR to Overcome Aging-Workforce Issues 

With Baby Boomers retiring and Millennials job-hopping, HR professionals are often left scrambling to curb the fallout from the massive employee exodus. It's expected that by 2020, 31 million jobs will become available as Boomers retire, and another 24 million new jobs will be created. However, a Georgetown University report predicts a shortfall of 5 million qualified workers.

In Focus: Employee Memo Questioning Google Diversity Efforts Sparks Furor  

Google fired the software engineer who wrote a 10-page document revealing resentment toward efforts that the tech giant and other tech companies have taken to increase the number of female engineers, including at the senior level. In the manifesto titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber," the male engineer writes that "to achieve a more equal gender and race representation, Google has created several discriminatory practices."

Trump Era Brings 'Wake-Up' Call for Diversity  

President Donald Trump's actions and words since taking office in January have many D&I professionals concerned about potential changes and the tone set during the presidential campaign. They are worried that some businesses might take advantage of relaxed regulations to scale back diversity efforts. Their hope is that most employers will stay true to the inclusive values that executives, employees and customers support. 

Key Influencers Can Transform a Toxic Workplace  

HR professionals can ensure that sexual harassment doesn't go unchecked. Barbara Annis, CEO and founder of New York City-based Gender Intelligence Group, shared tips on how to do this.

[SHRM members-only Member2Member Solutions: Your Culture Shapes What Your Business Becomes

Want a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace? Work on Your Culture  

Recommendations arising from an investigation into Uber Technologies Inc., amid allegations of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior there, highlight how workplace culture can affect diversity and inclusion. Inclusion goes beyond the presence of a diverse group of employees to encompass all aspects of an organization's operations, according to the investigators' report.  

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