Call for Contributions: Tell Us Your RecertificationPlans

Aug 3, 2017

​How are you maintaining your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP? Tell us about your recertification journey for a future article. 

Please start with a general description of how you are gaining recertification credits. Here are some examples:

  • "I'm taking an online course on medical marijuana use by employees, now that my state has legalized it."
  • "I'm volunteering at my local SHRM chapter meetings."
  • "I'm spearheading a work project to develop an emergency management plan at my small insurance company in the Midwest, which is an area prone to tornados, in response to a weather event last year." 

Next, we need a little more information.

Some demographics:

  • Your career level, job title, organization size and industry, city/state or province/country. 

Your plans so far:

  • How often you do engage in an activity related to recertification?
  • How close are you to achieving your recertification goal?
  • How do you use the SHRM Certification app?
  • How do you use the SHRM Certification Portal? 

Recertification specifics—are you:

  • Taking a course? (On what topics? Continuing education, a degree program, a seminar or workshop? Classroom or online? E-learning with an instructor or self-paced?)
  • Attending a conference? (In what field? What are the sponsoring organizations? In person or via videoconference?)
  • Reading a recertification-approved book or e-book? (What is the title and author? Did you take the quiz afterward to check your knowledge?)
  • Doing a project at work? (What is it about?)
  • Conducting research? (On who or what? What have been your results?)
  • Writing a book, article, white paper or blog? (Provide a citation, if it has already been published.)
  • Volunteering? (Doing what? For what organization?)
  • Presenting or teaching a course? (To whom? About what? Where?)
  • Serving as a subject matter expert? (In what field? For what purpose?) 

SHRM Competencies:

  • Which competencies do you tend to focus on?
  • In which areas do you think you are most proficient?
  • In which areas do you think you need to improve your proficiency? 

We won't publish your name or the names of your organization, colleagues, trainers, school, etc. (We do need your name and e-mail so we can contact you, if necessary.) Send your story to, our Certification Communication Specialist. 

Thanks in advance for sharing your story!


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