Recertification Q&A: Giving and Receiving Education and Training

Answers to frequently asked questions about SHRM certification and recertification

By the SHRM Certification Team June 17, 2021
Recertification Q&A: Giving and Receiving Education and Training

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Q: I understand that all 60 professional development credits (PDCs) can be earned by participating in educational and/or training activities. Are there any restrictions on the types of activities in this category that qualify for PDCs?

A: The only restriction is that all activities must be related to the HR behavioral competencies or knowledge domains outlined in the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge® (SHRM BoCK®). See the SHRM BoCK and the SHRM Recertification Requirements Handbook for more details.


Q: Can I earn PDCs for teaching a course or creating and/or giving a presentation? If so, what kinds of courses or presentations are eligible?

A: Yes, you can earn PDCs for these activities. Your program must be aligned to the behavioral or technical competencies of the SHRM BoCK. (See the SHRM BoCK and recertification handbook for details.)
Eligible courses and presentations include classes, seminars, workshops, sessions and other programs taught or presented at conferences, for chapter and state council programs, certification exam preparation, and the like, in person or virtually on webcasts or e-learning platforms.


Q: How many PDCs can I earn for teaching or presenting?

A: For each hour taught or presented, 2 PDCs may be awarded. A maximum of 20 PDCs may be awarded for presentations that span more than 10 hours of educational time.
Not considered educational time: welcomes, introductions, breaks, meals, exhibit hall visits, networking opportunities, etc. 

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