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  Vendor Sample Clients Program Features

Aetna Resources for Living

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  • Offers work/life assistance in the areas of prenatal care, child care, parenting, emergency care, elder resources and at-risk adolescents.
  • Counseling provided around additional issues including career coaching, relationship counseling, depression assistance, legal consultation, financial coaching and tax consultation.
  • A Resources for Living website includes tools and resources to help employees manage relationships, achieve work-life balance, monitor mental health and more.
  • Healthier living services include consultations around fitness, tobacco cessation, and weight and stress management.
  • Counselors available by phone and other contact modalities for guidance in handling daily life responsibilities and coping with emergencies.

Beacon Health Options (formerly ValueOptions)

Includes 45 Fortune 500 companies across a breadth of industries.
  • Mental health and substance abuse services provide help for depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety disorders, phobias and more.
  • Specializes in disease management for all mental health and chemical dependency diagnoses.
  • National network includes 127,000 provider locations for confidential assessments, counseling and treatment.
  • Offers counseling and referral services through multiple modalities including phone, face-to-face and web-based services.
  • Provides a behavioral health and wellness website for member employees. Includes more than 6,000 articles, educational resources, assistance materials and interactive self-assessment tools.

Ceridian LifeWorks

Marriott International, Limited, J.D. Irving
  • Mobile-enabled EAP and employee engagement platform with integrated wellness resources is available.
  • Work-life support services help employees tackle challenges such as financial and legal difficulties and coping with critical incidents. Training offers guidance to managers in dealing with employee challenges.
  • Enables employees to access information and help through an intuitive website, mobile app and 24/7 expert counselor support.
  • Designed to keep a workforce productive and to control health care costs by improving all elements of employee wellness—physical, mental and financial.
  • Aids employees in identifying and addressing potential risks through health risk assessments, health coaching and online workshops.

Chestnut Global Partners


Caterpillar, British Airways, Habitat for Humanity
  • Offers counseling for situations related to “problems in living” (marital distress, parenting concerns, elder care-related stress, anxiety, grief and loss). Includes plans that run between one to six sessions.
  • Wellness services and health coaching include disease management, disease prevention, smoking cessation, health risk assessment and educational workshops.
  • Financial consultations help employees identify strategies for wise money management, budgeting and responsible credit use.
  • A website provides thousands of articles, tip sheets, videos, podcasts, calculators, and checklists on a variety of work/life event topics. A “tools for managers” section is devoted to helping managers deal with employee challenges and address drug and alcohol issues in the workplace.
  • Expatriate-specific counseling helps employees living outside the U.S. with cultural adjustment, anxiety, depression or family conflicts.
  • Management consultation and training services help managers and supervisors take appropriate action when dealing with troubled or impaired employees.



Ocean Spray, Federal Express
  • Critical incident response counseling addresses issues resulting from natural disasters, major organizational change, assaults, robberies, industrial accidents, employee deaths and other traumatic events.
  • Offers consulting to assist managers and supervisors with employee issues. Consultation team is comprised of licensed clinicians who hold master’s degrees and provide guidance for concerns like company layoffs, employee grief and loss, chronic illness and complying with drug and alcohol policies.
  • Provides HR departments with printed and electronic materials to help promote the use of the EAP.
  • Integrated wellness seminars promote proactive health practices and address common personal or work-related concerns.
  • Health and benefit fairs offer an informal way to promote the EAP and include giveaways and program information for employees.



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  • With customized ”build-to-suit” EAP services, helps organizations increase employee productivity by enhancing overall health and well-being.
  • In-house integration with work-life services and employee wellness offerings addresses employee issues in a holistic manner.
  • Delivers EAP resources and counseling to more than 31,000 organizations in over 130 countries.
  • Provides communications in a variety of languages and mediums--print, e-mail and online—to ensure an organization's workforce is aware of EAP services.
  • Offers customized data and performance metrics reports to meet employer requirements for measuring the impact of EAP counseling.


ASI Technologies, Titan Air, PyraMax Bank
  • Features a 24/7, always-live call center and no limits on number or length of calls. Additional service channels include live encrypted chat, video counseling and smart phone app content.
  • A specialty division, Black Swan Solutions, helps organizations respond to crises such as a mass casualty, data breach, product recall and more. Includes a mobile app to account for people in facility evacuations.
  • Management consultation and coaching service fields an array of employer requests, including help with high-risk situations such as workplace violence.
  • Scientifically-validated outcome metrics track behavioral improvements in EAP users.
  • An international EAP provides counseling for expatriates dealing with personal or family difficulties.

Employee Resource Systems

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  • Core offerings include: geriatric care assistance; financial assistance for management of day-to-day financial issues or retirement planning; legal assistance including telephone consultations with lawyers and referrals to attorney networks; and crisis management counseling.
  • All counselors have a minimum of five years of experience and hold a master's degree in the mental health field. Language Line translation service accommodates non-English speakers on the phone and bilingual counselors are available for in-person sessions.
  • Integrated work/life program provides articles, resources and interactive calculators around child care, elder care, daily living obligations, and legal and financial challenges.
  • Additional services include: “nanny find,” which coordinates the recruitment and hiring of nannies, au pairs and other in-home care providers; personal assistance that provides time-saving help and organization of daily life challenges; and a wellness service with access to fitness, nutrition and health-related resources.
  • Offers consulting to managers and supervisors on the best strategies for addressing employee problems or concerns in the workplace.

ESI Group
800-535-4841 ext. 523

Square One, Freedom Credit Union, Rochester Midland Corp.
  • A referral network of more than 25,000 private providers in the U.S. and Canada supplements proprietary counseling services.
  • Offers industry-specific EAPs in areas like public safety, healthcare and higher education.
  • Website provides access to thousands of articles, assessments, videos, and information resources. Includes self-help resources for when employees don’t want or need the in-depth help of counselors.
  • Work/life counseling addresses child care issues, elder care, health and wellness, legal problems, debt issues, financial planning, college tuition planning and more.
  • A Peak Performance program goes beyond traditional EAP offerings to help maximize the productivity of employees. A knowledge center, professional coaching and wellness coaching help employees perform at peak levels.

First Sun

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  • Assistance provided around employee grief and loss, workplace stress, wellness goals, relationship enhancement, trauma issues, and alcohol and substance abuse,
  • Financial counseling helps employees manage money when marrying or divorcing, handle tax concerns, understand credit scores and more.
  • Video counseling option gives employees the flexibility to see counselors at a time and place that accommodates busy schedules. Requires a webcam, microphone and high speed Internet connection.
  • Additional EAP services include: legal consultation; elder care consultations to clarify needs and make decisions around wills, powers of attorney, in-home care, retirement communities and more; and child care consulting to help determine care alternatives.
  • Certified EAP professionals are available 24/7 to consult with HR leaders and managers on employee issues like absenteeism, productivity and co-worker conflicts. Web-based manager training is available for self-paced study.    

Harris Rothenberg International of Humana

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  • Offers 24/7 counseling and referral services, substance abuse programs, and legal and financial assistance.
  • Work-life program includes convenience services—dubbed Life Made Easiertohelp employees with everyday needs such as moving and relocation, home repairs, pet care, and health and wellness issues.
  • Customizes solutions and approaches to each client's organizational culture.
  • Assists HR with internal marketing and communication of EAP benefits. Marketing professionals, graphic designers and writers collaborate on initiatives to improve program use.
  • Consults with HR on issues such as policy development and management training designed to help leaders deal with employee challenges.


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  • Programs help employees manage conditions including insomnia, anxiety, OCD, depression and substance use. Self-guided modules allow workers to access services from computers or mobile devices as a supplement to counselor sessions.
  • Multi-access counseling includes telephonic coaching, online cognitive behavioral therapy and live chat. The channels allow busy employees and employees in rural areas to access care in a private, confidential manner.
  • Offers personalized training for managers in addressing employee issues and hands-on-support during crisis
  • A health and wellness platform combines social, gaming and other incentives to create personalized recommendations for improving employee health.
  • Provides critical incident stress management programs delivered by experienced professionals.


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  • Core services include financial and legal assistance, relationship and family conflict counseling, child care, elder care, and identity theft recovery. Add-on premium services also are available. Features a nationwide network of 53,000 licensed providers.
  • Face-to-face, telephonic, online and video consultations are available.
  • A member website features financial and legal tools, childcare and eldercare directories, numerous work-life articles and self-help tools for wellness and stress management.
  • Expert consultations help line managers and HR professionals manage everything from routine organizational challenges to extraordinary situations such as layoffs or traumatic incidents.
  • Provides job performance network referrals, critical incident response service, workshops and training seminars. A manager's toolkit features EAP information customized for supervisors and managers.


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  • Counselor network features a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with master's degrees or PhDs in psychology, clinical social work or educational psychology.
  • Service channels include online group counseling in secure settings, a My EAP app available in three languages and across all major mobile platforms, e-counseling, one-to-one online chat, and video counseling.
  • Global EAP network allows employees and their families to access assistance on complex issues worldwide. Expatriate program provides counseling promoting the psychological health and well-being of employees dealing with new cultures while abroad.
  • In-person and online consultations help line managers juggle the priorities of the organization with the needs of employees they lead.
  • A manager-focused portion of the website provides relevant information and support to help supervisors recognize troubled employees and learn how to help.

United HealthGroup's Optum Health

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  • Specialists with master’s degrees offer counseling by phone, in-person or online and via worksite consultations.
  • Management consulting and training help HR professionals and line managers identify and address employee well-being issues.
  • Features a provider network of 105,000 counselors accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. EAP and critical incident response services also are offered in more than 150 countries.
  • Integrated EAP and behavioral health services help employees access the most appropriate level of holistic care.
  • EAP member web portal is URAC-accredited and allows users to search for providers, self-help programs, relevant videos and articles. A new mobile app also is available.

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