In Focus: Parental Leave Takes Center Stage

By Dana Wilkie Nov 18, 2015

A Baby Dies at Day Care, and a Mother Asks Why She Had to Leave Him So Soon

In this first-person narrative, the writer asks: “Why does a parent in this country have to sacrifice her job, her ability to provide her child with proper health care… to buy just a few more months to nurture a child past the point of vulnerability?” "
(The New York Times)

The Rush Toward Paid Parental Leave: Why Now?

Working parents have been around for a long time. And it’s likely that any one of them could have told you that juggling a job while caring for an infant or newly adopted child can be mentally and physically exhausting. So why, just over the past few months, has there been a rush of companies offering paid parental leave, when it’s something working parents would almost certainly have welcomed decades ago?
(SHRM Online)

So Is Extended Paid Parental Leave the Wave of the Future?

Big-name companies find recruiting and keeping talent requires accommodating working parents. (SHRM Online)

Paid Paternity Leave is One Way to Lure Top Candidates

Until U.S. businesses give their male workers paid paternity leave—and insist that fathers use it—then taking time off a job to care for a newborn will continue to stigmatize mostly women, stalling their careers and deflating their earnings, argued several panelists during a recent New America Foundation seminar.
(SHRM Online)

In a New Twist, Amazon to Let Employees Share Leave Benefit with Their Spouses

Starting Jan. 1, online retail giant Amazon will increase the number of paid pre-partum medical leave, paid maternity leave and paid parental leave for its employees. It has created an unusual “leave share” program that provides paid parental leave for a spouse or partner who works at another company but doesn’t have access to paid leave. (The Washington Post)

What Are the Friendliest States for Working Moms?

When it comes to parental leave policies, women’s salaries and employment rates, and the quality and affordability of child care and pediatricians, Vermont is the friendliest place in the Union for working mothers, according to a study. The least friendly? That would be Louisiana.

(SHRM Online)

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Dana Wilkie is an online editor/manager for SHRM.


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