In Focus: Wal-Mart to Cut Hundreds of Jobs, Many in HR Department

By Dana Wilkie Jan 11, 2017

Wal-Mart has announced big layoffs at its headquarters, many of them in HR, following its commitment to raise wages at its stores. SHRM Online has reported on the push to raise wages for low earners and on the trend toward hiring consultants to perform HR duties.

Wal-Mart Cutting Hundreds of Jobs in Latest Round of Layoffs

Wal-Mart is about to eliminate hundreds of jobs at its headquarters and in regional offices to pay for higher wages at its stores and to protect its profits. A good chunk of those job cuts will come from Walmart's human resources department, rather than from stores, as top executives look to hire consultants to perform HR duties. (Fortune)

Big Companies Are Raising Wages for Lower Earners

High-visibility moves are a response to the tightening job market, and to labor and political pressures. (SHRM Online)

[SHRM members-only HR Q&A: I’ve heard that someemployers are now legally required to communicate wage changes to employees. Can you tell me more about this?]

Fight for $15 Rallies Leave a Lasting Impression

Fight for $15 rallies, such as the ones held globally last spring, aren’t just photo opportunities. Numerous states and localities have increased their minimum wage to $15 an hour since the rallies began a few years ago. (SHRM Online)

The Rising Minimum Wages and Tip Credits for 2017

Effective Jan. 1, 29 states plus the District of Columbia have minimum wage rates that are above the federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour. (SHRM State and Local Updates)

Outsourcing the HR Function

For several reasons, including cost savings and the freeing of human resource professionals to focus on more strategic efforts, HR functions are among the services organizations are most likely to choose to outsource. (SHRM Toolkits)

Startups Outsourcing HR: When, Why, What If?

By automating administrative services typically handled by hiring a dedicated HR staffer, businesses can better deploy their human capital. (SHRM Online)

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