In Focus: France May Give Workers Right to Ignore E-mails at Home

By Joanne Deschenaux Feb 19, 2016

Liberty, equality, fraternity — and now, the “right to disconnect.” France’s labor minister, Myriam El Khomri, has proposed a new law that would give employees the right to ignore professional e-mails and other messages when outside the office. It would essentially codify a division between work and home and, on a deeper level, between public and private life.
The Washington Post)

Bill Is Part of Range of Labor Reforms

The draft bill is part of a wide range of labor reforms designed to make France a more competitive, business-friendly country, while still protecting workers' interests. The draft bill also includes reforms to France's infamous 35-hour work week rule that would make it easier for companies to seek exemptions.
(CNN Money)

Should U.S. Workers Be Compensated for Answering E-Mails and Texts When Off-the-Clock?

U.S. federal labor regulators may revise a standard governing what amount of time should be considered too insignificant to compensate outside scheduled work hours. The standard will apply to nonexempt employees answering e-mails, texts and calls when they are off the clock.
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

DOL Considering Rule on Portable Devices

The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is developing a request for information on the use of technology, including portable electronic devices, by employees away from work and outside of scheduled work hours.
(SHRM Online)

E-Mail Curfew May Help Newly Nonexempt Employees Adjust

E-mail curfews can help newly nonexempt employees understand the types of work that now are off-limits after work hours, even though they were permitted in the past.
(SHRM Online)

Joanne Deschenaux, J.D. is SHRM’s senior legal editor. 


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