Vision 2020: A Road Map For People Management in Latin America

By Jeannette Karamañites Feb 4, 2016

Early in 2015, the Board of Directors of the Interamerican Federation of People Management Associations (FIDAGH) and its Advisory Board met in Panama City, Panama, to map out a strategic vision, mission and objectives that will guide its support for Latin American human resource associations for the next five years.

From that meeting emerged Vision 2020—a set of principles and values that we believe will improve the practice of people management in Latin America into the future. Vision 2020 aims to position FIDAGH as the lead human resource institution for Latin America and, at the same time, create a unique brand that will represent our region. 

The federation will achieve this by studying and analyzing new ways of thinking about and managing people and by promoting best practices and models of excellence in human resource management. FIDAGH is well-positioned to roll out Vision 2020 through its member national associations, which together are immersed in all of the current people management issues in Latin America.

Vision 2020 began with a meeting one year ago in Santiago, Chile, where the presidents of each of FIDAGH’s member national associations, representing 15 countries, discussed and debated their expectations of the federation. Their ideas were shaped by FIDAGH’s leadership—with help from consultant Sergio Tertusio of Panama’s ADEN International Business School—into Vision 2020, which sets out a vision, a mission statement, and a set of values and objectives for FIDAGH and its members.

The federation’s vision for the next five years is to be recognized regionally and internationally for its contribution to developing and strengthening national associations, generating new trends and ideas, and promoting state-of-the-art practices in human resource management.

FIDAGH’s mission is to lead and represent its member national associations in training human talent, increasing productivity and competitiveness, and developing and strengthening labor relations and social responsibility of organizations and institutions in Latin America, with due respect to each country’s culture and diversity.

Vision 2020 identifies five key values that must guide institutional behaviors in the coming years. These values—leadership, innovation, team building, ethics and representation—are central to FIDAGH’s work to support and empower the people management profession in Latin America. 

One of the most important values we identified is ethics—this is why FIDAGH has a code of ethics that details expected behavior for people management professionals. This code extends not only to FIDAGH’s Board of Directors but also to all presidents, directors and even partners. Another key value is the ability to honorably and effectively represent the profession, which is closely linked to leadership and compels FIDAGH and its members to constantly promote the ongoing development of the profession.

Either directly or through its affiliates and strategic partners, FIDAGH will promote and develop key relationships, evidence-based knowledge, best practices and models of excellence in human resource management in all its manifestations and dimensions. Vision 2020 focuses on several processes and activities that will enable us to meet three strategic objectives: Sponsor, Build and Integrate. 

Sponsor. To strengthen institutional alliances, FIDAGH will:

  • Promote stronger institutional partnerships with governments. nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), academic institutions, business federations and other stakeholders.

  • Maintain the highest level of participation in the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA).

  • Assist member national associations of FIDAGH in the development of best practices to share and interact with other associations or nonprofit organizations.

Build. FIDAGH will support its member national associations by:

  • Encouraging and helping member associations to practice good governance.

  • Ensuring its permanent availability to support member associations in developing their projects.

  • Monitoring compliance of Vision 2020 objectives.

  • Generating added value through well-designed communications, products and partnerships.

  • Maintaining effective information flow with and among member associations through social media and regular print- and Web-based communications.

Integrate. To support members and to solidify its role as Latin America’s lead people management institution, FIDAGH will expand its knowledge database in the following areas:

  • Analysis and research on people management topics and trends in the region.

  • Professional HR certification.

  • Academic research in people management topics.

  • Best practices.

  • Management practices for national associations.

  • Financial Management. FIDAGH’s objectives for financial management and marketing are to:

  • Achieve revenue through sponsors.

  • Create profitable products and services.

  • Identify funding opportunities through NGOs and international organizations.

  • Position FIDAGH as the premier organization for HR matters throughout the region.

  • Improve product positioning.

  • Identify opportunities for member national associations to attract revenue.

  • Position FIDAGH and its members to attract sponsors for research and other programs.

As a next step, FIDAGH will create working groups to begin executing the actions and activities for Vision 2020, which will be carried out in close partnership with member associations. 

Vision 2020 is our road map to a great future for the people management profession in Latin America. FIDAGH is excited and ready to take the lead on this journey. 

Jeannette Karamañites is President of FIDAGH and Human Resources Director for the Panamanian law firm of Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega. Republished by permission from the WFPMA.


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