In Focus: If Your Job, Co-Workers and Boss Stress You Out...

Kathy Gurchiek By Kathy Gurchiek January 13, 2017
In Focus: If Your Job, Co-Workers and Boss Stress You Out...

Feeling a little stressed lately at work? There may be any number of factors, from the type of work you do to the people you work with—including your boss. We have some resources and tips on how to alleviate that stress. You might not be in a true state of relaxation, but you'll at least stop climbing the walls.

Is It Your Career Choice?

A job as a firefighter, newspaper reporter or serving in the military are good career choices if you thrive on stress, according to CareerCast, which identified high- and low-stress jobs for 2017. If less pressure is a better fit for you, consider work as a hair stylist, jeweler or diagnostic medical sonographer. (CareerCast)

What You Don't Know About Your Job Could Stress You Out

Unpredictability in a job was the highest contributor to employee stress in a CareerCast survey published last summer, followed by workplace environment and deadlines. Teachers, engineers, customer service representatives and engineers said they were most affected by unpredictability on the job. (SHRM Online)

Co-Workers on Your Last Nerve?

You've probably encountered difficult people at work—ones who won't listen to different opinions, or spend their time flattering the boss. Their behavior can be so irksome that you react almost instantly, maybe irrationally. Have you taken a look at what your reactions can tell you about yourself? Here are some ideas for dealing with annoying colleagues. (Forbes) 

[SHRM members-only toolkit: Managing Workplace Conflict]

Can Bad Boss Behavior Be Fixed?

You like your job and the people with whom you work, but your boss is causing you a great amount of anxiety. Often, bad bosses don't communicate or collaborate well, and they lack empathy. Those are fixable traits, although change won't happen overnight. (SHRM Online)

Commiserate with Your Peers

A recent Society for Human Resource Management #NextChat discussion also covered the subject of bad bosses. Sharing your woes can make you feel better, and maybe you'll find some tips to improve your interactions with your supervisor. (Twitter)

11 Most Annoying Office Habits Guaranteed To Anger Your Colleagues

Hold on! Maybe your work habits are stressing out those around you. Here are 11 ways you may be driving your fellow employees around the bend.
(The Telegraph)

Shaping a Work Culture Benefiting Your Organization, Employees

What are some ways organizations can create a work environment that brings out the best in their employees? Some guidelines are offered in the paper, "Creating a More Human Workplace Where Employees and Business Thrive." (SHRM Foundation)


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