Top Apps for Safety Professionals

By Julie McFater Dec 1, 2014

Almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet these days. It’s common to ask, “Is there an app for that?” And regardless of the issue, there usually is.

Safety professionals these days are as tech savvy as anyone else. So, just what applications are out there for the safety professional? Turns out there are quite a few, touching on areas such as:

*Weather. If you are in any industry where weather can affect the job or job site, having a weather app on your device is essential. WeatherBug is a favorite, as are the Accuweather app and’s app.

*Dropbox. It might be pretty obvious to suggest Dropbox, but everyone should have access to a cloud storage application. Dropbox is considered one of the gold-standard cloud storage providers. If you have not used it, check it out. Having all of your safety policies and documents at your fingertips is a valuable time saver.

*Docusign. Do not be stuck carrying around stacks of forms and papers. Docusign is an application that allows you to sign off on documents using a finger or stylus. This prevents the need to carry and scan paper to send electronically.

*ERG. This is the electronic version of the Department of Transportation’s Emergency Response Guide. It is a searchable resource; you can do keyword or term searches on the fly instead of flipping through indexes and pages of material to find what you need.

*NFPA70e. This is the arc flash standard distributed by the National Fire Protection Association. Like the ERG listed above, this application is also searchable. There is a cost associated with this one.

*FEMA-Mobile. This free app put out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency contains all of the contact information you would need for the agency.

*NIOSH Pocket Guide for Chemical Hazards. This app has varying costs depending on the level of detail you wish to have; it starts as cheap as $2.99 on the Google app store. It offers the complete contents of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) pocket guide at your fingertips. It is searchable as well.

*Chemical Safety Data Sheets. This free application provides the International Chemical Safety Cards that are put out by the United Nations Environment Program, the International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization.

*Pocket First Aid and CPR Guide. This is the electronic version of the American Heart Association’s pocket guide. It includes both first aid and CPR information. It also includes emergency information that the association provides.

*PocketCPR. This tool uses the accelerometer built into your iPhone to measure the rate and depth of chest compressions while performing CPR. It also provides feedback instruction to press harder or softer, slower or faster. It can be used in a classroom environment to aid students in learning CPR.

*OSHA Heat Tool. Do you know how hot is too hot? When do the heat and humidity factors start climbing to dangerous levels? Now you don’t need to guess. This Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) app allows you to enter the temperature and the humidity in the air. It lets you know not only what the heat-hazard rating is, but what precautionary steps to take in that environment.

*JSA. Need to build a customized job safety analysis? This free app can be used onsite to create a customized JSA and then, if you wish, send it electronically.

*Brady Link 360 Lockout/Tagout. Keep track of all of your lockout/tagout procedures in one place. This app allows you to create complex lockout/tagout procedures that can be shared with the work crew. It also allows you to add photos and diagrams and share them with other users of the app.

*Noise Sniffer. Do you have a need to figure out what the base noise level in your work environment might be? Noise Sniffer might be the app for you. While your cell phone or tablet does not have the sensitivity to do what more advanced equipment designed to sample noise can do, it will at least provide you with a ballpark idea of what your noise level might be and if you need to investigate further.

*Crosby Sling Calculator. Need to know if the rig you have set up is adequate enough to lift the equipment you are trying to lift? This app can help. It is designed to take the type of rigging you are using, combine that with the weight and geometry of your lift load and tell you if what you are using for your lift is the right equipment. It costs $25; compared to the cost of injuries or damaged equipment, it is money well-spent.

This list only begins to tap into the wealth of applications that are available for safety professionals. Go explore and see what you can find!

Julie McFater is marketing and communications manager at Superior Glove Works based in Ontario, Canada.

Copyright 2014 © Superior Glove. All rights reserved.​


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