Lead Nurturing Critical to Intel’s Diversity Hiring Goals

Tech company’s CRM implementation a major step taken toward diversifying its workforce

Roy Maurer By Roy Maurer November 10, 2016

​Allyn Bailey (left) and Pam McKnight speak at SmashFly Transform.

BOSTON—"Everybody in talent acquisition fell on the floor and passed out" when Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced in January 2015 that the company was going to aggressively diversify its workforce by 2020, said Allyn Bailey, talent experience architect manager at Intel.

"We thought 'we can't do that,'" Bailey told attendees of SmashFly Transform, a conference focused on the emerging discipline of recruitment marketing. "We are getting as much pipeline as we can. There are no more diverse candidates out there," she said.

Fortuitously, Bailey and her colleague Pam McKnight, talent experience solutions architect at Intel, were at that moment in the process of redesigning the company's recruiting infrastructure. They were engaged in moving the recruiting function's focus from a typical applicant-to-hire process to a full recruitment lifecycle system with a new focus on candidate relationship management (CRM), the activity with potential and future hires at the very front end of the hiring funnel. 

The women realized that the company's big announcement had provided them with the support and a deadline to transform the experience design around recruiting and hiring.

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It took nearly a year to get funding for implementing a CRM tool. "Once stakeholders understood that what we were proposing would have an impact on finding diverse talent and ability to build those pipelines and engage that talent in ways we were never able to do so before, that's when we were able to sell that solution," McKnight said.

Moving from Paper to People

CRM is about creating the right experience, Bailey said. "People do things based on how they think and feel. We needed to understand what we had to do to get in front of our candidates, get them excited about us, have them think that this was an opportunity, and feel that they needed to apply. So first we went out and did a lot of research on who our candidates are and what made them tick."

A person's resume is not the sum total of who that person is as an individual, she said. "We needed to start changing that paradigm in the organization from 'give me the piece of paper that comes in and tells me your skills, interests and last 10 jobs, to real, dynamic people we knew something about and could build a relationship with and move through our conversion process.'"

When recruiters can pair that targeted knowledge of talent personas with the expectation that the content and experience potential candidates receive from a company is personalized, it sets the stage for effectively engaging talent, McKnight said. "The leads sitting in your system want to be engaged."

Another important thing the women did was translate the personas they were working on in order to draw a clearer picture of the typical candidate journey.

"We took this map and infused it with information that could be used for decision making by recruiters on what content is most effective at which particular time to drive certain behavior," McKnight said. "These are the behaviors we want to trigger at certain points in the journey, based on our research and data."

The talent acquisition team has used the candidate journey map to effectively manage interaction points with leads and optimize editorial content targeted at potential candidates.

"We build content based on employee value proposition branding across channels, but we have also been building standardized editorial content tools to nurture candidates through the lifecycle based on what we know from the candidate journey," Bailey said.

McKnight told attendees that Intel is already seeing a return on their efforts around diversity hiring and the company just realized a major technology milestone: fully integrating the CRM with their applicant tracking system.   

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