Apple Joins List of Employers Restricting Workers from Using ChatGPT

Roy Maurer By Roy Maurer May 23, 2023

Apple is the latest company to prohibit the use of ChatGPT and other external artificial intelligence tools out of concern that workers could inadvertently release confidential data, according to an internal document.

ChatGPT, created by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, is a generative AI chatbot that is able to answer questions and assist with content-creation tasks such as composing e-mails and writing code.

We've rounded up articles from SHRM Online and other outlets to provide more context on the news.

Wary of Leaks

The concern is that when employees use a tool like ChatGPT, data is sent back to the developer to enable continued improvements to the model, presenting the potential for an organization to unintentionally share proprietary or confidential information. JPMorgan Chase and Verizon have barred ChatGPT use, and Amazon has urged its engineers to use its own internal AI tool for coding assistance.

(The Wall Street Journal)

Data Security at Risk

Samsung recently banned the use of generative AI tools on its internal networks and company-owned devices over fears that uploading sensitive information to these platforms represents a security risk. Bank of America, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo have also banned the use of the tools.

(The Verge)

A ChatGPT Primer for HR Professionals

From fears of it replacing workers to raves about its productivity benefits, the generative artificial intelligence tool may be the biggest technological advancement since the invention of the personal computer several decades ago.

(SHRM Online)

How to Manage Generative AI in the Workplace

The newness of generative AI combined with the dizzying hype and potential legal ramifications can make it feel particularly intimidating to address. There are still so many unknowns, yet workers need guidance now along with reassurance that their skills—and jobs—still matter.

(SHRM Online)

Creating ChatGPT Policies

HR teams need to ask and answer many questions before setting policies to guide employees' use of ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools, legal experts say.

(SHRM Online)

Sample Generative AI Chatbot Usage Policy

This sample policy for SHRM members addresses the use of a web-based interface to ask or "prompt" the chatbot in a conversational manner to find answers to questions or to create or edit written content.

(SHRM Online)

Beyond Job Descriptions: 6 HR Tasks ChatGPT Can Do for You

Since ChatGPT launched, many HR professionals have used the generative artificial intelligence tool to perform some of their daily tasks. ChatGPT can make HR professionals more productive, freeing them up from repetitive tasks and allowing them to spend more time on strategic work.

(SHRM Online)



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