In Focus: 90% Now Access Facebook from Smartphones

Future workers will expect to use mobile devices to access their social sites and get work done, too

By SHRM Online staff Nov 9, 2015

On Wednesday, Facebook revealed that 90 percent of the 1.6 billion people who use the social network do so from a mobile device. That translates to 1.4 billion people liking, sharing and pontificating on Facebook. What’s more, according to Facebook's latest earning report, 80 percent of the company’s ad revenue now comes from mobile.

Little wonder. In Always Connected, How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged, marketing intelligence firm IDC revealed in 2013 that 84 percent of the activity that occurs on a smartphone is comprised of texting, e-mailing, and engaging with people on social media. Only 16 percent is spent on actual telephone calls.

Web analytics company comScore reports that the usage of smartphones has increased 394 percent from 2010 and tablet usage is up 1,721 percent. Both platforms now account for 60 percent of digital media time spent.

(CNN) and (SHRM)

But What Does that Mean for Employers?

Future generations of workers will expect to use mobile phones not just to access their social sites but to get work done, too. Experts say employers need to address the increased use of mobile phones for everything—both professionally and personally—with strategy and improve their technology to adapt to this growing trend.


Strategize First, Then Adopt Policies

Companies need mobile device strategies, policies, and a seamless approach to how people interact with mobile at work. Whether people are using mobile devices to look for jobs or using smartphones to do their jobs—companies will be more successful if they have mobile strategies that address their objectives. Not embracing mobile use for both employees and customers and potential candidates may hurt companies seeking to reach their clients, find talent and improve their bottom lines.

(SHRM) and (Forbes)

For organizations, integrating mobile capabilities into digital tools can support employee productivity and engagement. The first step to becoming a mobile-savvy employer is to understand the various options for developing this technology.


Managers’ Use of Smartphones Rises

As HR Magazine reported early last year, it wasn’t long ago that the only mobile-enabled HR processes were recruiting and time and attendance functions. “But as use of mobile devices mushroomed, industry vendors scrambled to develop platforms to accommodate the changing nature of computing tools,” according to the magazine. “As a result, more line and HR managers are now using tablets or smartphones to review or expedite transactions not only in recruiting but also in performance management and record-keeping.”

For many organizations, making the leap to mobile is hard—especially if you have a culture that’s resistant to change or have employees who are leery about using small mobile devices to access sensitive data.

But as new data shows, not embracing the ways in which people are beginning to communicate on mobile may be to a company’s detriment.

(HR Magazine) (SHRM)


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