In Focus: Presidential Race Is Still Neck and Neck

By Allen Smith, J.D. Nov 8, 2016

Trump and Clinton Tied in North Carolina

The presidential race may come down to who wins the Tar Heel State. Right now polls show voters in North Carolina evenly divided with 44 percent for Hillary Clinton and 44 percent for Donald Trump (The New York Times).

Employees Get Time Off to Vote Under State Law

While there is no federal law that entitles workers to time off, many states offer voting leave to employees in certain circumstances (SHRM Online).

Obama: 'If We Win Florida, It's a Wrap'

A win in Florida for Hillary Clinton could spell victory. "If we win Florida, it's a wrap," President Barack Obama told a crowd gathered in Osceola County, Fla., Stadium on Nov. 6. It remains a key battleground state for Trump as well. As the race comes to a close, polls show the two in a virtual tie with 46 percent of Florida voters supporting Clinton and 45 percent supporting Trump (ABC News and Orlando Sentinel).

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Ohio: Every Vote Will Matter

Ohio, considered a "must-win" state for Trump, is a dead heat as well. Polls as the race wrapped up show Trump with a narrow lead—46 percent to 45 percent (CBS News).

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Other States Where There Is Virtual Tie

Other battleground states where the race is a virtual tie include Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Battleground states other than Ohio, where Trump leads, include Arizona. Battleground states where Clinton leads include Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Virginia and Wisconsin (Heavy).

Four-Point Lead for Clinton

Despite the neck-and-neck races in some states, national polls out from ABC News/Washington Post and CBS News Monday morning show Clinton with a four-point lead nationally. And the Huffington Post predicts a substantial but not overwhelming electoral vote win for Clinton (Politico and Huffington Post).

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