Disaster Preparedness Checklist (HR Dept.)

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[This check list is developed for disaster planning at a medium-sized company]

Areas to consider in planning are:

    HRIS and file records

    Compensation programs



    Training programs



    Business partners (generalists)


    Ensure that the backup location for the data files is a separate and secured location from the main office.

    Confirm off-site access for those in HRIS and other critical members of HR.

    Contact procurement for a backup plan on obtaining personal computers quickly.

    Ensure a backup plan for HRIS help desk.

    Develop a Web site area for employees to receive office status updates.

Compensation Programs

    Ensure backup on compensation data.

    Have survey data in hard copy in a safe place. Better to have electronic data as backup.


    Confirm that the payroll processing organization has off-site data sites.

    Have a means by which the payroll will be processed in the event that the payroll office is not accessible.

    Determine how live checks will be distributed to employees in the event the office is closed.

    Determine how direct deposit will be confirmed if bank is impacted by disaster.


    Determine how eligibility data will get to administrator in the event the HR department is closed.

    Determine how payments will get to vendors for monthly premiums or funding for benefit plans.

    Determine how 401(k) contribution will get to the administrator.

    Determine how 401(k) hardship withdrawal requests will be approved.

    Establish benefit appeal determination process when working off-site.

    Update notices on benefit administration Web site.

    Request medical administrator to assist in identifying if lost employees have filed claims.

    Ensure that an EAP service is available for impacted employees (knowing that a local service may be strapped at the time).

Training Program

    In preparedness training encourage managers to create a contact list for department employees.

    Ask managers to have a contact process for department employees in the event of a disaster.


    Have a backup for applicant database.

    Determine a means for applicants to provide a status.

    Determine an alternate recruiting method if not able to return to the office for a period of time.


    Ensure that legal documents are properly backed up.

    Collect contact information for all federal agencies in the event that a filing is delayed.

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